Buy and Rent Shipping Containers in Denver, Colorado: A Comprehensive Guide

shipping container for sale colorado

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shipping container for sale colorado

Shipping containers are versatile structures that have gained popularity in various industries for their durability and portability. Whether you’re looking to buy or rent a shipping container in Denver, Colorado, Western Container Sales offers convenient and affordable solutions. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the benefits of purchasing or renting a shipping container, the process of acquiring one, and the various options available to you. shipping container for sale colorado

Why Choose Western Container Sales?

At Western Container Sales, we understand the challenges that come with searching for a shipping container. From the hassle of requesting quotes to being bombarded by salespeople, we strive to make the process easier for our customers. Unlike other companies, we offer transparent pricing for both buying and renting shipping containers. Our prices are fair and well below those of our corporate competitors.

Buying a Shipping Container

If you’re in the market to purchase a shipping container in Denver, Colorado, Western Container Sales has you covered. Our containers are sourced directly from global intermodal equipment providers, ensuring their quality and reliability. We guarantee that our containers won’t leak, giving you peace of mind when storing your goods. Our prices are subject to change based on inventory levels, so it’s essential to check our website for the most up-to-date pricing information.

Renting a Shipping Container

Not ready to commit to buying a shipping container? Western Container Sales also offers convenient rental options. Our steel storage container rentals start at $145 per month, with a minimum rental period of three months. After the initial three months, the rental term becomes month-to-month. We aim to make the rental process as seamless as possible, and our containers are typically delivered within 2-5 business days. Each rental container includes a secure lockbox for added security.

How to Buy a Shipping Container in Denver, Colorado

If you’re unsure about the process of buying a shipping container, we’re here to guide you through it. By following these steps, you can easily select the container specifications that meet your needs and complete your purchase online. shipping container for sale colorado

Step 1: Choose Container Specs

Start by using our user-friendly shipping container calculator to select the size, condition, and door direction that suit your requirements. You can choose from various container sizes, including 10ft, 20ft, and 40ft. Consider factors such as the amount of storage space you need and the dimensions of the items you plan to store. Additionally, select the condition that best aligns with your budget and expectations. We offer One Trip, Cargo Worthy (CWO), and Wind & Water Tight (WWT) containers.

Step 2: Add to Cart and Checkout

Once you’ve made your selections, add the chosen container(s) to your cart and proceed to checkout. Our secure payment portal ensures the safety of your transaction. Before finalizing your purchase, take the time to review the sample photos of the containers available. This will give you a visual representation of the container’s condition.

Step 3: Container Sourcing

After your order is placed, we source your shipping container directly from intermodal cargo circulation. We work closely with the largest intermodal container suppliers to eliminate unnecessary middlemen, thereby offering you the best prices. Once your order is confirmed, you’ll receive an email with further details. We guarantee the doors, floors, and roof of our containers, ensuring their structural integrity.

Step 4: Pick-up or Delivery

Depending on your preference, you can choose to pick up your container from an intermodal depot or have it delivered to your desired location. If you opt for pick-up, please allow 2-3 business days for the release information. For delivery, simply provide your zip code during the checkout process, and the delivery cost will be calculated accordingly. Our team will be in touch within one business day to confirm your order and coordinate the logistics.

Used Shipping Container Conditions

Used shipping containers come in various conditions, each suited for different purposes. It’s important to understand the different conditions available to make an informed decision. At Western Container Sales, we offer the following conditions:

One Trip

One Trip containers are essentially new shipping containers that have made a single journey from the factory to the United States. These containers are in excellent condition, with minimal wear and tear. They are an ideal choice if you’re looking for a container with a pristine appearance.

Cargo Worthy (CWO)

Cargo Worthy containers are certified for international shipping and have undergone thorough inspections to ensure their seaworthiness. While they may have minor cosmetic imperfections, they are structurally sound and suitable for storage or transportation purposes.

Wind & Water Tight (WWT)

Wind & Water Tight containers are the most common type of used shipping containers. They are not certified for international shipping but are still in good condition. These containers may have cosmetic flaws, such as dents and rust, but they provide secure and weatherproof storage solutions.

IICL Containers

Containers repaired to IICL standards are in excellent structural condition. However, they may not differ cosmetically from Cargo Worthy or Wind & Water Tight containers. IICL containers are repaired according to the Institute of International Container Lessors’ standards, ensuring their reliability.

Please note that all used containers will have some degree of rust and dents. We recommend reviewing the sample photos on our website to get a visual representation of the container’s condition. Rest assured that regardless of the grade, every container we sell is guaranteed to be structurally sound and comes with our three-year warranty.

Shipping Container Dimensions & Specifications

Shipping containers adhere to specific dimensions and specifications to ensure uniformity and compatibility worldwide. Here are the internal and external dimensions for the most common container sizes:

Container SizeExternal Dimensions (LxWxH)Internal Dimensions (LxWxH)Door Opening (WxH)
10ft10ft x 8ft x 8.5ft9ft 3in x 7ft 8in x 7ft 10in7ft 8in x 7ft 6in
20ft20ft x 8ft x 8.5ft19ft 3in x 7ft 8in x 7ft 10in7ft 8in x 7ft 6in
40ft40ft x 8ft x 8.5ft39ft 5in x 7ft 8in x 7ft 10in7ft 8in x 7ft 6in

Intermodal shipping container doors are standardized worldwide, allowing for easy handling at any port. The Container Safety Convention (CSC) plate contains essential information, including the manufacturer details, container size and capacity, and the container identification number.

Delivery and Pick-up

At Western Container Sales, we strive to provide efficient delivery and pick-up options for your convenience. Here’s what you need to know:


If you choose to pick up your container from an intermodal depot, please ensure that you have the necessary equipment and allow 2-3 business days for the release information. It’s important to have the proper equipment to safely load and transport the container.


Delivery is an optional service provided by Western Container Sales. To determine the delivery cost, simply enter your zip code during the checkout process. Our team will coordinate the logistics and ensure a smooth delivery experience. Please note that delivery times may vary depending on the distance and any specific requirements.

How Do Steel Storage Containers Compare to PODS?

While Western Container Sales offers both steel storage containers and PODS (Portable On Demand Storage) options, there are notable differences between the two. Understanding these differences can help you make an informed decision based on your specific needs.

Steel Storage Containers

Steel storage containers are durable and heavy-duty structures made entirely of steel. They are repurposed shipping containers that offer a larger and more robust alternative to standard storage containers. Steel containers are ideal for long-term storage, portable offices, construction sites, and various other applications. Western Container Sales provides a range of container sizes and conditions to accommodate different needs and budgets. shipping container for sale colorado


PODS, on the other hand, offers smaller and lighter units made from a combination of steel, fiberglass, aluminum, and plastic. They are designed for convenient transportation and storage but may have limitations in terms of size and durability. While PODS now offers an all-steel 16 ft container, steel storage containers still provide a larger and more heavy-duty solution.

Get a 10% Discount with PODS

If you require moving and storage services, Western Container Sales has partnered with PODS to offer our customers a 10% discount. Simply use the link provided below to access the discount:


Where to Find Shipping Containers near Denver, Colorado

Western Container Sales delivers shipping containers within a 150-mile radius of Denver, Colorado. We work with local haulers equipped with roll-off trailers to ensure efficient and timely delivery. Please note that due to logistical constraints, we are unable to offer delivery beyond 150 miles for purchases or 75 miles for rentals. shipping container for sale colorado

Delivery Cities

We provide delivery services to various cities in the Denver, Colorado area, including:

  • Denver
  • Westminster
  • Arvada
  • Commerce City
  • Wheat Ridge
  • Dupont
  • Eastlake
  • Broomfield
  • Henderson
  • Thornton
  • Aurora
  • Brighton
  • Englewood
  • Golden
  • Louisville
  • Littleton
  • Boulder
  • Lafayette
  • Idledale
  • Eldorado Springs
  • Erie
  • Dacono
  • Morrison
  • Indian Hills
  • Kittredge
  • Frederick
  • Evergreen
  • Lone Tree
  • Firestone
  • Niwot
  • Pinecliffe
  • Watkins
  • Fort Lupton
  • Louviers
  • Longmont
  • Black Hawk
  • Parker
  • Hygiene
  • Castle Rock
  • Hudson
  • Jamestown
  • Conifer
  • Mead
  • Nederland
  • Central City
  • Rollinsville
  • Platteville
  • Pine
  • Ward
  • Dumont
  • Bennett
  • Berthoud
  • Gilcrest
  • Buffalo Creek
  • Keenesburg
  • Johnstown
  • Idaho Springs
  • Milliken
  • La Salle
  • Elizabeth
  • Lyons
  • Franktown
  • Sedalia
  • Allenspark
  • Loveland
  • Strasburg
  • Shawnee
  • Silver Plume
  • Winter Park
  • And more.

Delivery Zip Codes

We cover a wide range of zip codes in the Denver, Colorado area, including:

80221, 80036, 80030, 80035, 80003, 80211, 80260, 80212, 80001, 80006, 80229, 80037, 80216, 80266, 80202, 80031, 80205, 80294, 80265, 80034, 80002, 80293, 80290, 80264, 80204, 80024, 80243, 80244, 80248, 80250, 80251, 80256, 80257, 80259, 80261, 80263, 80271, 80273, 80274, 80281, 80291, 80299, 80201, 80217, 80033, 80214, 80004, 80203, 80218, 80207, 80005, 80206, 80233, 80234, 80262, 80215, 80238, 80220, 80614, 80209, 80020, 80640, 80038, 80219, 80226, 80241, 80223, 80246, 80225, 80021, 80040, 80230, 80232, 80208, 80010, 80239, 80210, 80041, 80007, 80047, 80224, 80045, 80023, 80247, 80222, 80602, 80042, 80228, 80110, 80236, 80150, 80151, 80155, 80402, 80419, 80231, 80012, 80227, 80027, 80113, 80235, 80022, 80237, 80011, and more.


Whether you’re in the market to buy or rent a shipping container in Denver, Colorado, Western Container Sales offers a wide range of options to suit your needs. From transparent pricing and convenient online ordering to reliable delivery services, we strive to make the process as seamless as possible. Explore our website to browse our selection of shipping containers, and feel free to reach out to our team if you have any further questions.