Shipping Container Apartments in Phoenix: The Ultimate Urban Living Experience

shipping container apartments phoenix

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shipping container apartments phoenix

In recent years, a unique trend has emerged in the world of architecture and urban development – the transformation of shipping containers into stylish and modern living spaces. One striking example of this trend can be found in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. Containers on Grand, a multi-unit shipping container apartment building, offers a glimpse into the future of urban housing. Designed and built by StarkJames, this innovative project combines affordability, sustainability, and contemporary design to create a truly unique living experience. shipping container apartments phoenix

The Rise of Shipping Container Apartments

The Potential of Shipping Containers

Shipping containers, once solely used for transporting goods, have found a new purpose in the realm of architecture. With hundreds of thousands of containers sitting idle in port cities, architects and developers have recognized their potential as a dynamic and interchangeable building material. The affordability and versatility of containers make them an attractive option for creating affordable and sustainable housing solutions.

A Shift in Urban Housing

The rise of shipping container apartments can be attributed to the changing needs and desires of urban dwellers. Millennials and baby boomers alike are seeking housing options that bring them closer to cultural offerings and urban amenities. This has led to the emergence of “cargotecture,” a term coined to describe the use of shipping containers in urban housing projects. These container apartments offer a quick and cost-effective way to fill housing gaps in urban areas.

Containers on Grand: A Pioneer in Phoenix

Containers on Grand, located along Historic Grand Avenue in downtown Phoenix, stands as a pioneering example of shipping container apartments in the city. Designed and built by StarkJames, this multi-unit apartment building features eight one-bedroom apartments, each forged from 16 standard 40-foot-by-8-foot shipping containers. The project showcases the creative potential of containers in urban housing while retaining their industrial aesthetic.

Meticulous Construction and Contemporary Styling

Meticulous Construction Process

Architect Wesley James, the mastermind behind Containers on Grand, emphasizes the importance of bringing shipping containers up to code during the construction process. While containers themselves are not expensive or difficult to work with, retrofitting them to meet building regulations can be a complex task. James and his team took extra caution to ensure that the containers were joined and retrofitted with insulation, wiring, plumbing, windows, and drywall, transforming them into comfortable and livable spaces.

Contemporary Styling and Unique Layouts

Each of the eight living units in Containers on Grand boasts a slightly unique layout with contemporary styling. The apartments feature oversized steel windows, full 8-foot ceilings, and glossy original marine-grade wood flooring, adding a touch of elegance to the industrial aesthetic. Inside, residents are greeted with a full modern kitchen, in-unit washer/dryer, and wall-mounted 55″ smart TVs. Built-in desk workspaces and reserved parking further enhance the convenience and functionality of these city residences.

Furnished Options and Additional Conveniences

Containers on Grand goes above and beyond to cater to the needs of its residents. Furnished options are available, making the move-in process seamless and hassle-free. The exterior grounds feature a patio area with a BBQ grill, shade landscaping, and bike racks, promoting a sense of community and outdoor living. Electronic access ensures security, while the inclusion of a 24-hour emergency line provides peace of mind for residents.

The Ultimate Urban Living Experience

High-Quality Living Spaces

Containers on Grand offers residents the best of both worlds – the industrial charm of shipping containers combined with the modern conveniences of a well-equipped apartment. The spacious living units, with their open floor plans and high ceilings, create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere. The walls, painted in crisp white, serve as a canvas for residents to personalize their space and create a home that reflects their unique style.

Thoughtful Design Elements

Inside the apartments, thoughtful design elements are evident at every turn. The original wood flooring, encased in epoxy, adds warmth and character to the living spaces. Each unit features a galley kitchen, complete with a washer/dryer combo, separating the living room and bedroom areas. The two rooms are connected by separate hallways, providing privacy and creating a sense of distinct living zones. The bedroom, located at the back of the container, offers ample space for relaxation and rest.

Affordability and Accessibility

One of the most significant advantages of Containers on Grand is its affordability. With monthly rents averaging around $1,000, these shipping container apartments offer a cost-effective housing solution in downtown Phoenix. StarkJames has successfully kept the costs in line with conventional construction, allowing residents to enjoy market-rate rents or even slightly below. This affordability makes urban living more accessible to a wider range of individuals, including millennials and empty-nesters.

A Sustainable Future

Beyond affordability and convenience, Containers on Grand also embraces sustainability. The use of shipping containers repurposes materials that would otherwise go to waste, reducing the environmental impact of construction. Additionally, the compact design of these apartments promotes efficient use of space and encourages a more sustainable lifestyle. By embracing container living, residents can contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

The Future of Container Living in Phoenix

Expansion and Continued Innovation

StarkJames, the architectural firm behind Containers on Grand, has ambitious plans for the future of container living in downtown Phoenix. The success of their initial project has paved the way for the construction of 12 more container homes that will be stacked three stories high. This expansion demonstrates the growing acceptance and recognition of container homes as a viable housing solution.

Overcoming Challenges and Stereotypes

While container homes continue to gain popularity, they still face some skepticism from traditional developers. However, pioneers like StarkJames are taking the teasing in stride, embracing the unique nature of container living. The upcoming downtown development, aptly named The Oscar, after Oscar the Grouch from “Sesame Street,” showcases their lighthearted approach to breaking stereotypes and pushing the boundaries of conventional architecture.


Containers on Grand in downtown Phoenix exemplifies the potential of shipping container apartments as a sustainable and affordable urban housing solution. Designed and built by StarkJames, this innovative project combines meticulous construction, contemporary styling, and thoughtful design elements to create a truly unique living experience. With its success, Containers on Grand sets the stage for the future of container living in Phoenix, offering a glimpse into the endless possibilities of repurposing shipping containers to meet the evolving needs of urban dwellers.