Extra Wide Shipping Containers: Expanding Spaces with Innovation

extra wide shipping container for sale

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Extra Wide Shipping Containers


extra wide shipping container for sale

Innovative solutions in the shipping container industry have revolutionized the way we think about creating functional and spacious environments. One such game-changer is the Extra Wide Shipping Container, which features patented widening technology. These containers offer more space and are perfect for setting up productive offices, functional workshops, trendy cafes, stylish bars, or cozy accommodation units. Let’s explore the versatile applications and benefits of these extraordinary containers. extra wide shipping container for sale

Versatile Applications for Various Industries

The Extra Wide Shipping Containers cater to a diverse range of industries, opening up limitless possibilities for creating unique and eye-catching spaces. Whether you’re in the hospitality sector, need a practical workspace, or desire a comfortable living space, these containers can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. Their extra width provides the flexibility to design and customize the space according to your industry’s needs.

Efficient and Productive Office Spaces

Say goodbye to cramped and cluttered office environments. The Extra Wide Shipping Containers provide an excellent solution for creating modern and efficient workspaces. With the additional space, you can incorporate dedicated workstations, collaborative areas, meeting rooms, and even relaxation zones. A spacious office setup enhances productivity and boosts employee morale, resulting in a more conducive work environment.

Expand Your Business with Spacious Cafes and Bars

Transforming your cafe or bar into a spacious and inviting hotspot is now possible with Extra Wide Shipping Containers. The additional width offers ample room for comfortable seating arrangements, a well-equipped bar, and trendy interior designs. Stand out from the crowd and provide your customers with an extraordinary experience in a uniquely designed and spacious setting.

Accommodation Units: Compact Living with Maximum Comfort

Experience the perfect blend of compact living and comfort with Extra Wide Shipping Containers. These containers are an ideal choice for businesses and individuals seeking a minimalist lifestyle or a cozy getaway. Customize your accommodation unit with a fully functional kitchen, cozy bedroom, and a comfortable living area. Embrace simplicity without compromising on comfort.

Benefits of Extra Wide Shipping Containers

1. Extra Space

Standard shipping containers have a width of approximately 2.4 meters, which might not be sufficient for certain applications. The Extra Wide Shipping Containers address this limitation by providing a wider space of up to 4.5 meters. This additional width allows for a more efficient layout and provides ample room for various activities.

2. Stackable and Portable

Despite the extra width, the Extra Wide Shipping Containers can still be stacked on top of each other with the help of stackable linking locks. This feature enables you to create more space in your yard without sacrificing portability. These containers are designed to be easily transported even over long distances and can withstand harsh transport conditions.

3. Cyclone Rated

The structural integrity of the Extra Wide Shipping Containers is engineered and manufactured to withstand Category 2 and 3 cyclonic wind categories. Whether you’re located in regions C and D in Queensland, Western Australia, or the Northern Territories, these containers provide a reliable and secure solution for your storage or workspace needs.

4. 25-Year Design Life

The Extra Wide Shipping Containers are built to last, with a 25-year design life. Manufactured to the highest Australian standards, these containers are constructed from weathering steel, which creates a regenerative protective layer when oxidized, preventing further corrosion. This durability translates into significant cost savings on maintenance compared to other modular buildings.

Choosing the Right Size

With a variety of sizes and styles to choose from, finding the perfect Extra Wide Shipping Container for your needs is easy. Modulate offers a range of options, including 20ft and 40ft containers, in various widths such as 3m, 3.5m, and 4.5m. Carefully consider your space requirements and consult with our experts to select the optimal size that aligns with your project goals.


Extra Wide Shipping Containers are revolutionizing the concept of usable spaces. Their versatile applications across different industries, efficient office setups, spacious cafes and bars, and compact yet comfortable accommodation units make them a preferred choice for businesses and individuals alike. The additional space, stackability, portability, cyclone rating, and long design life further enhance their appeal. Embrace innovation and unlock the potential of Extra Wide Shipping Containers to create functional and spacious environments tailored to your specific needs.

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