8×10 shipping container for sale The Ultimate Guide to 8×10 Shipping Containers for Sale

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8x10 shipping container for sale

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8×10 shipping container for sale

Welcome to the ultimate guide to 8×10 shipping containers for sale! Whether you’re looking for extra storage space or need a reliable solution for shipping goods, these versatile containers are an excellent choice. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about 8×10 shipping containers, including their dimensions, features, security, and where to find them. 8×10 shipping container for sale

Dimensions and Features

When it comes to 8×10 shipping containers, it’s important to understand their dimensions and features. These containers offer ample space for a variety of needs, whether you’re storing household items, commercial inventory, or equipment. Here are the key dimensions and features of an 8×10 shipping container:

  • Exterior Dimensions: 10’L x 8’W x 7’10″H
  • Interior Dimensions: 9’3″L x 7’8″W x 7’10″H
  • Weight: 2,500 lbs
  • Door Height: 7’6″H

The solid steel construction of these containers ensures durability and stackability. Whether you choose a container with double doors on one end or a roll-up door, you’ll have a secure and convenient access point for loading and unloading.

Condition and Security

When purchasing an 8×10 shipping container, it’s essential to consider its condition and security features. Used containers are often an economical option, especially when they are cargo worthy with minimal rust. However, if you prefer a new container, check out our selection of new shipping containers for sale.

To ensure the security of your belongings, these containers come with shielded padlock protection. You have the flexibility to use your own padlock and choose from multiple locking possibilities. This added security gives you peace of mind, whether you’re using the container for storage or shipping purposes.

Uses and Applications

8×10 shipping containers have a wide range of uses and applications. They are not only suitable for storage but also excel in various industries. Here are some common uses for these containers:

  1. Residential Storage: Need extra storage space for seasonal items, furniture, or personal belongings? An 8×10 shipping container can provide a secure and weather-resistant storage solution right in your backyard.
  2. Commercial Storage: Businesses can benefit from these containers to store inventory, equipment, and supplies. With their durable construction, they can withstand harsh conditions and protect your valuable assets.
  3. Construction Sites: Shipping containers are often used on construction sites as on-site storage for tools, machinery, and materials. Their portability and security features make them an ideal choice for construction projects.
  4. Mobile Offices: With some modifications, 8×10 shipping containers can be transformed into mobile offices. These portable workspaces are perfect for remote job sites or temporary office spaces.
  5. Pop-up Shops: Entrepreneurs and retailers can convert shipping containers into trendy and unique pop-up shops. Their compact size and versatility make them a popular choice for retail businesses.

Where to Buy 8×10 Shipping Containers

If you’re in the market for an 8×10 shipping container, there are several options available. Here are a few places where you can find these containers for sale:

  1. Local Suppliers: Check with local suppliers or dealers who specialize in shipping containers. They often have a variety of sizes and conditions available, including 8×10 containers.
  2. Online Marketplaces: Popular online marketplaces like InGenious Storage offer a wide selection of shipping containers, including 8×10 sizes. You can compare prices, conditions, and even request fast quotes online.
  3. Auctions: Keep an eye out for shipping container auctions in your area. These events can be a great opportunity to find affordable 8×10 containers that meet your specific needs.

Delivery and Pickup Options

Once you’ve found the perfect 8×10 shipping container, you’ll need to consider delivery or pickup options. Some suppliers offer delivery services, so the container can be transported directly to your desired location. Others may require you to arrange your own transportation or offer pickup from their yard.

If you’re located in the Gananoque, Kingston, or Belleville area, pickup from our yard is available. We also provide delivery services, and you can easily request a quote by calling our team or using our fast container quote form.

Additional Information

Container Specifications and Sizes For a detailed overview of shipping container sizes, refer to our comprehensive Shipping Container Sizes file. It provides essential information on various container dimensions, including 8×10, to help you make an informed decision.


Now that you have a better understanding of 8×10 shipping containers, their dimensions, features, and uses, you’re ready to find the perfect container for your needs. Whether you’re looking for additional storage space or require a reliable shipping solution, these containers offer durability, security, and versatility. Remember to consider the condition, security features, and delivery options when making your purchase. With the information provided in this guide, you’ll be well-equipped to make an informed decision and maximize the potential of your 8×10 shipping container.