Yang Ming Marine Transport: A Leading Container Shipping Line

yang ming container ship

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Yang Ming Marine Transport


yang ming container ship

Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation, commonly known as Yang Ming, is a renowned container shipping line that has been in operation since December 28, 1972. With a fleet of 94 vessels and a total capacity of 4.0 million D.W.T, Yang Ming has established itself as a key player in the global shipping industry. The company’s commitment to teamwork, innovation, honesty, and pragmatism has been the foundation of its success. yang ming container ship

Fleet and Services

Yang Ming operates a diverse fleet of vessels, including container ships and bulk carriers. The company transports over 2.4 million TEUs (Twenty Feet Equivalent Units) annually, offering top-notch scheduled container transportation services across Asia, Europe, America, and Africa. With a focus on continuous fleet upgrades, Yang Ming aims to become one of the world’s best carriers.

In addition to container transportation, Yang Ming also provides bulk service through its affiliate, Kuang Ming Shipping Corp. The company is set to become Taiwan’s largest operator of Panamax bulk fleet, with more than 20 vessels by 2013. Furthermore, Yang Ming has invested in exclusive terminals in strategic locations worldwide, including Keelung, Kaohsiung, Taipei Harbor, Los Angeles, Tacoma, Antwerp, and Rotterdam. These terminals facilitate efficient cargo handling and contribute to the company’s goal of becoming a transshipment hub in the Far East.

Commitment to Customer Service

Yang Ming places a strong emphasis on customer service. Through strategic alliances with prominent shipping companies such as K-Line, COSCO, and Hanjin, the company aims to expand its service scope and provide a broader range of options to its customers. With ISO-9001, ISO-14001, ISM CODE, ISPS CODE, and OHSAS 18001 accreditations, Yang Ming ensures that its operations meet the highest quality and safety standards.

The company’s commitment to customer satisfaction is further reflected in its investment in logistics services. Yang Ming’s affiliate, Yes Logistics Corporation, offers comprehensive logistics solutions and operates the unique Multi-temperature Warehousing Logistics center in Kaohsiung Harbor, Taiwan. The company has also established logistics outposts in major harbors across Europe, America, and China, creating an efficient global logistics network.

Cultural Undertakings

In line with its principle of “Getting from Society, Giving to Society,” Yang Ming actively engages in cultural endeavors. The company has established two oceanic cultural establishments: the YM Oceanic Culture & Art Museum near the Port of Keelung and the YM Kaohsiung Museum of Marine Exploration near the Port of Kaohsiung. These museums showcase the rich maritime heritage of Taiwan and contribute to the promotion of oceanic culture.

Track & Trace System

To enhance customer convenience, Yang Ming offers a comprehensive track and trace system. This online service allows customers to easily track the current location of containers by container number. With just a few clicks, customers can stay updated on the status of their cargo throughout the shipping process. The track and trace system exemplifies Yang Ming’s commitment to providing reliable and transparent service to its customers.

Real Ocean Freight Transit Time

Understanding the time in transit of cargo is crucial for logistics planning. Yang Ming provides a real ocean freight transit time service that allows customers to determine the time it takes for their cargo to travel between ports of loading and discharge. By utilizing this information, customers can optimize their supply chain and ensure timely delivery of their goods.

Sea Lines Explorer

For customers seeking shipping lines that call at specific ports or directions, Yang Ming offers the Sea Lines Explorer service. This user-friendly tool provides information on shipping lines that service chosen ports, enabling customers to make informed decisions regarding their shipping routes. The Sea Lines Explorer empowers customers with the knowledge needed to select the most suitable shipping lines for their cargo.

Container Terminals Explorer

In addition to the Sea Lines Explorer, Yang Ming provides the Container Terminals Explorer service. This tool allows customers to determine the list of sealine ports serviced by Yang Ming. By utilizing this service, customers can easily identify the ports that align with their shipping requirements, streamlining their logistics planning process.


Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation stands out as a leading container shipping line with its commitment to excellence in customer service, fleet modernization, and continuous improvement. Through its extensive network of strategic alliances, exclusive terminals, and innovative digital solutions, Yang Ming provides efficient and reliable transportation solutions to customers worldwide. With its rich maritime heritage and dedication to cultural undertakings, Yang Ming continues to shape the future of the shipping industry.