used 20 foot shipping containers for sale Everything You Need to Know About Used 20ft Shipping Containers

used 20 foot shipping containers for sale

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used 20 foot shipping containers for sale

## Introduction Used 20ft shipping containers offer a cost-effective solution for various storage needs, from warehousing to portable offices. These versatile containers can be loaded with high-density products and remain within weight limits, making them ideal for both storage and shipping purposes. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore different types of used 20ft shipping containers, their features, and potential applications. Whether you’re looking for a standard dry container, a refrigerated unit, or a collapsible-end flat rack, we’ve got you covered.

1. The 20ft Standard (Dry) Container

The 20ft standard shipping container is the industry standard for portable storage and intermodal transportation. These containers are easy to load, access, and handle, making them a popular choice for various businesses. With the capacity to hold high-density products such as metal or dried grains while remaining within weight limits, they offer a reliable solution for your storage needs.

2. The 20ft Double-Door Container

If easy access is a priority for your storage requirements, the 20ft double-door container is the perfect choice. These containers feature doors at both the front and back, providing convenient access to store, retrieve, and sort goods or materials. Additionally, they can be loaded with high-density products while still meeting weight limits, ensuring efficient and flexible storage options.

3. The DuoCon Container

For those who require the storage capacity of a 20ft container with enhanced accessibility and flexibility, the DuoCon container is an excellent option. Comprising two 10ft shipping containers welded front-to-front, this unique design offers two separate spaces within the form of a standard 20ft shipping container. The DuoCon container provides versatility for businesses with specific storage requirements.

4. The 20ft Refrigerated Container

When it comes to transporting temperature-sensitive goods, the 20ft refrigerated shipping container, also known as a reefer, is the go-to choice. These containers come equipped with factory-installed refrigeration units, offering the coldest temperatures and lowest humidity among available shipping container options. They provide optimal protection for food, chemicals, paper, and other perishable items.

5. The 20ft Insulated Container

Fluctuations in interior temperature can be detrimental to certain goods, which is where the 20ft insulated shipping container comes in. These containers are designed to limit temperature changes and protect contents from condensation and mold. From food to pharmaceuticals, chemicals to electronics, insulated containers ensure that your cargo remains in optimal condition during storage and transportation.

6. The 20ft Open-Top Container

Sometimes, items need to be loaded and unloaded from above, requiring a specialized container solution. The 20ft open-top shipping container is the answer to this challenge. With its open-top design, it allows for crane loading and unloading, making it ideal for bulk grains, recyclables, large generators, engine parts, and other oversized items. This container offers the flexibility needed for specific cargo requirements.

7. The 20ft Collapsible-End Flat Rack

For oversized loads or special-project cargo, the 20ft collapsible-end flat rack container is the perfect choice. With panels at either end and no side walls, these containers address various specialized shipping challenges. They can be employed in a variety of ways, offering a versatile solution for transporting unique and irregularly shaped cargo.

8. Local Delivery and Unloading Services

When purchasing a used 20ft shipping container, consider choosing a provider that includes local delivery and unloading services. This ensures a hassle-free experience and saves you the trouble of arranging transportation logistics. Look for a provider that offers seamless delivery and unloading options to make the process more convenient for you.

9. Ensuring Quality and Durability

Used shipping containers may exhibit signs of wear and tear, including surface rust, dents, dings, and faded paint. However, it’s crucial to ensure that the container you choose is still wind and water-tight, with intact doors, floors, and gaskets. Look for containers made of durable, rust-resistant steel and equipped with marine-grade plywood floors to guarantee long-lasting performance.

10. Your Steel Storage Guarantee

When investing in a used 20ft shipping container, it’s essential to choose a provider that stands behind their products. Look for a company that offers a guarantee, such as Your Steel Storage’s one-year guarantee. This ensures that you receive a high-quality container that meets your storage needs and provides peace of mind regarding your purchase.


Used 20ft shipping containers offer a reliable and cost-effective solution for various storage requirements. From standard dry containers to refrigerated units, double-door containers to collapsible-end flat racks, there’s a container to suit every need. Consider the specific features and applications of each type before making a decision. With the right container, you can efficiently store and transport your goods while ensuring their safety and integrity. Choose a reputable provider that offers local delivery and unloading services, and don’t forget to check for quality and durability. Invest in a used 20ft shipping container today and unlock endless storage possibilities.