Shipping Containers for Sale in St. Louis, Missouri: Versatile Storage Solutions

shipping containers for sale missouri

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shipping containers for sale missouri

## Introduction Shipping containers have revolutionized the way we think about storage and construction. These versatile units can be used as storage facilities, restaurants, stores, and even homes. In St. Louis, Missouri, Container One is the leading supplier of shipping containers, catering to residential, commercial, and agricultural customers. With our competitive prices and a five-year structural guarantee, we empower your vision and creativity. Whether you’re in Chesterfield, Florissant, St. Charles, or any other town near St. Louis, Container One is here to fulfill all your container needs, regardless of unpredictable winter weather.

St. Louis: A Hub for Shipping Container Activities

St. Louis, situated in the Mid-West, serves as an inland shipping container depot location and transportation hub. Its strategic geographical location, extensive network of railroad freight routes, and access to the interstate highway system make it a major player in container shipping in the USA.

Intermodal Transportation: Rail and Road

St. Louis boasts a robust intermodal transportation system, with Conex boxes being transported both by rail and road throughout the city. The region is home to six Class I, local, and short line railroads, including BNSF Railway Company, Canadian National Railway Company, CSX Corporation, Kansas City Southern, Norfolk Southern Corporation, and Union Pacific Railroad. This makes St. Louis the third-largest rail hub in the United States, facilitating the movement of various goods and products.

The Port of St. Louis: A Thriving Inland Port

The Port of St. Louis is the second-largest inland port system in the United States, located on the northernmost point of the Mississippi River. With 16 public terminals, the port handles over 32 million tons of freight each year. The port’s strategic road connectors provide immediate access to major highways such as I-70, I-64, I-55, and I-44, making it a vital gateway for containerized cargo.

Popular Uses of Shipping Containers in St. Louis

Shipping containers are widely utilized in St. Louis for various purposes. Let’s explore some of the popular applications in the area.

Shipping Container Home Developments

St. Louis embraces the concept of shipping container homes. One notable example is the custom-designed house made from nine steel shipping containers located in the Old North neighborhood. Owned and designed by Travis and Gina Sheridan, this unique home showcases the practicality and creativity that shipping containers offer. With 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, a deck, covered driveway, and a small art gallery space, this home exemplifies the endless possibilities of container architecture.

Shipping Container Businesses: Rockwell Beer Co.

Rockwell Beer Co., located in St. Louis, stands as a testament to the versatility of shipping containers. This brewery and restaurant have transformed repurposed cargo containers into a modern and unique brewpub. Andy Hille, the brewer, secured a Community Development Block Grant Loan to finance the container brewing facility, creating local jobs in the process. The brewery operates within converted Conex containers and offers a 90-seat taproom and a steel container kitchen serving a menu prepared by a local chef.

Self-Storage Solutions

Shipping containers have become a popular choice for self-storage in St. Louis. Residents and businesses can either purchase or rent a shipping container and use it for keeping inventory, securing construction materials, or storing furniture during remodeling projects. Container One offers a range of storage solutions, providing advice and competitive pricing on the best size of shipping container for personal or business storage needs.

Buying Shipping Containers in St. Louis

Container One, the leading supplier of shipping containers in St. Louis, offers a wide selection of both new and used cargo containers for sale. Whether you are an individual or a business, Container One caters to your needs. With our extensive inventory and nationwide reach, we provide competitive pricing and exceptional customer service. Contact our knowledgeable team of Conex Depot service representatives online to save time and money on your shipping container purchase.

St. Louis: A Thriving Business Environment

St. Louis is home to many renowned companies that utilize shipping containers in their business operations. These include Express Scripts, Emerson Electric, Monsanto, Centene, Peabody Energy, Ameren, Graybar Electric, Anheuser-Busch, Arch Coal, Bunge Limited, HOK, Nestlé Purina PetCare, Walmart, Boeing, and Schnucks. These companies leverage the versatility and cost-effectiveness of shipping containers to enhance their operations.

The Economic Impact of Shipping Container Activities in St. Louis

Shipping container activities in St. Louis have a significant economic impact on the region. The city serves as a major hub for container shipping and transportation, facilitating the movement of various goods and products. Missouri’s top exports, such as small gas-powered trucks, aircraft including engines and parts, soybeans, and refined copper, heavily rely on shipping containers for transportation. Furthermore, the thriving port system in St. Louis contributes to the region’s economic development and job creation.


St. Louis, Missouri, is a thriving hub for shipping container activities. With its strategic geographical location, extensive rail and road networks, and a flourishing port system, St. Louis plays a vital role in container shipping in the USA. The versatility of shipping containers is evident in the numerous applications in St. Louis, including shipping container homes, businesses, and self-storage solutions. Container One, as the leading supplier of shipping containers in St. Louis, empowers individuals and businesses to unleash their creativity and fulfill their container needs. Explore the possibilities of shipping containers and experience the benefits they offer in St. Louis, Missouri. shipping containers for sale missouri