Shipping Containers for Sale in Norfolk, Virginia: A Hub for Container Shipping and Affordable Housing

shipping containers for sale in virginia

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Shipping Containers


shipping containers for sale in virginia

Norfolk, Virginia, located on the East Coast, is not just a coastal shipping container depot but also a transportation hub for intermodal Conex boxes. With its seaport and extensive network of railroad freight routes and interstate highways, Norfolk has become a major player in the container shipping industry in the USA. In this article, we will explore the local economy of shipping containers in Norfolk, including the popular uses of shipping containers, the development of container homes, the transportation routes, the Port of Norfolk, and the main businesses that employ shipping containers. We will also delve into the environmentally friendly and energy-efficient aspects of shipping container homes.

Popular Shipping Container Uses in Norfolk

When it comes to shipping containers, Norfolk offers a wide range of options for both individuals and businesses. Whether you’re looking to buy or rent a shipping container, Conex Depot in Norfolk has you covered. They offer various sizes of both new and used cargo containers for sale, making it convenient for customers to find the perfect fit for their needs. With their extensive reach across 38 cities in the USA, Conex Depot makes it easy for customers to purchase a used shipping container without the hassle of shopping around. By contacting one of their service representatives online, you can save both time and money.

Shipping Container Home Developments in Norfolk

Norfolk is not only known for its container shipping industry but also for its innovative approach to affordable housing. The Director of Strategic Housing for the Virginia Housing Development Authority, Chris Thompson, has initiated a project to convert used shipping containers into affordable homes. Collaborating with the Newport News Housing and Redevelopment Authority, Norfolk aims to build two prototype houses made from cargo containers. These container homes, created by assembling multiple shipping containers, offer a viable solution to the housing gap in Virginia. The state agency is contributing two finished homes, each with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, to kickstart the project.

Environmental Benefits of Shipping Container Homes

One of the key benefits of container homes is their positive impact on the environment. In an interview with 10 On Your Side News, Pete Gombert, the Co-founder of indieDwell, highlighted the issue of unused shipping containers near port cities like Norfolk. indieDwell aims to repurpose these containers, which would otherwise end up being scrapped. By upcycling the Conex boxes into homes, they not only reduce building costs but also repurpose 9,000 pounds of steel, minimizing waste production. These container homes are also highly energy efficient, with utilities costing around $50 per month. With estimated prices ranging from $55,000 to $479,000, container homes can be single-family or stacked to create larger structures. There have even been suggestions for container homes to be used for student housing at Norfolk colleges.

Norfolk National Highway and Railroad Transportation Routes

Norfolk’s strategic location and transportation infrastructure play a crucial role in its container shipping industry. The city is served by several major highways, including Interstate 64, U.S. Route 58, U.S. Route 60, U.S. Route 13, and U.S. Route 460. These highways connect Norfolk to other parts of the country, facilitating the movement of intermodal containers. Additionally, Norfolk is served by the Norfolk Southern Railway, a Class I railroad that operates over 20,000 miles of track. The Norfolk Southern Railway provides intermodal shipping container services to major Eastern seaports, making it an integral part of the container transportation network.

The Port of Norfolk and Its Facilities

At the heart of Norfolk’s container shipping industry is the Virginia Port Authority and its facilities. The Port of Virginia consists of several marine terminals, including Norfolk International Terminals (NIT), Portsmouth Marine Terminal (PMT), Newport News Marine Terminal (NNMT), and Virginia International Gateway (VIG). Among these terminals, NIT is the largest, covering an area of 648 acres. With deep entrance channels and excellent connectivity to interstate highways and rail lines operated by Norfolk Southern Railway, CSX Corporation, and Eastern Shore Railroads, the Port of Norfolk is well-equipped to handle a high volume of shipping containers.

Major Export Businesses in Norfolk

Norfolk is home to several businesses that heavily rely on shipping containers for their operations., Concursive, Beacon Holding Inc, Dominion Enterprises, Doumar’s Cones and BBQ, Giant Open Air, Hofheimer’s,, Landmark Media Enterprises, Lombart Instrument, Maersk, Norfolk Southern Railway, Sentara Healthcare, Virginia Stage Company, Waldo & Lyle, P.C., and XTuple are some of the largest companies in Norfolk that employ shipping containers. These businesses contribute to the local economy and further solidify Norfolk’s position as a thriving container shipping hub.

Cargo Storage Containers for Self Storage in Norfolk

Apart from commercial uses, shipping containers also serve as a popular option for self-storage in Norfolk. Many consumers choose to buy or rent a shipping container to store their belongings securely. Whether it’s inventory, construction materials, or furniture during a remodeling project, Conex Depot offers various sizes and grades of shipping containers for sale in Norfolk. Their sales team provides free project advice and competitive pricing, ensuring that customers find the perfect storage solution for their personal or business needs.


Norfolk, Virginia, stands out as a prominent hub for container shipping and innovative container home developments. With its strategic location, extensive transportation network, and thriving port facilities, Norfolk plays a crucial role in the container shipping industry. The initiative to repurpose shipping containers into affordable housing showcases Norfolk’s commitment to finding sustainable solutions for housing challenges. Whether it’s for commercial purposes or self-storage, shipping containers offer versatility and convenience. Norfolk’s thriving business community, including major companies that employ shipping containers, further highlights the city’s significance in the container shipping industry. As Norfolk continues to grow, its container shipping industry will undoubtedly remain a key driver of its local economy.

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