Shipping Containers for Sale in Charleston, South Carolina: A Versatile Solution for Various Needs

shipping containers for sale charleston sc

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shipping containers for sale charleston sc

shipping containers for sale charleston sc

Are you in need of a versatile solution for your storage, restaurant, store, or even home needs? Look no further than shipping containers! These steel structures have become increasingly popular due to their flexibility and affordability. At Container One, we are proud to be the leading supplier of shipping containers in Charleston, South Carolina, catering to residential, commercial, and agricultural customers. With our lowest prices and a five-year structural guarantee, we ensure that you can rely on our containers to meet all of your needs. shipping containers for sale charleston sc

Container Solutions for All Areas in Charleston, South Carolina

Whether you reside in Mount Pleasant, North Charleston, Summerville, or any other town near Charleston, South Carolina, Container One is here to fulfill your container needs. We understand the importance of accessibility, especially during unpredictable winter weather. That’s why you can count on us to provide reliable container solutions regardless of your location. shipping containers for sale charleston sc

The Local Economy of Shipping Containers in Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC is not only a beautiful coastal city but also a major container shipping port and transportation hub. Its strategic location in the southeastern United States, combined with an extensive network of railroad freight routes and interstate highways, makes Charleston a significant player in the container shipping industry.

Intermodal Container Transport in Charleston

Charleston’s container shipping industry relies heavily on intermodal transport, where Conex boxes are seamlessly transported by both rail and road throughout the city. The Conex Depot Charleston container storage facility, located at ZIP 29418 off of the Mark Clark Expressway, plays a crucial role in facilitating these transportation operations.

Shipping Container Restaurants and Bars in Charleston

The versatility of shipping containers extends beyond storage units. In Charleston, you can find innovative restaurants and bars that have been cleverly constructed using shipping containers. These establishments offer unique dining experiences while embracing sustainability and creativity.

One notable example is the Container Bar, situated at 2130 Mount Pleasant Street in Charleston. This venue, built inside an old auto body shop and three reconstructed shipping containers, boasts a spacious front patio and plenty of indoor/outdoor seating. With a hand-crafted beverage program that highlights locally grown, fresh ingredients, Container Bar is truly an oasis in the Holy City.

Another prominent restaurant that operates out of a renovated cargo container is the Mainland Container Co. Kitchen & Bar. Located at 1528 Ben Sawyer Blvd in Mount Pleasant, this establishment embraces the growing trend of container restaurants and adds to Charleston’s vibrant culinary scene.

Shipping Container Homes and Apartments in Charleston

In addition to restaurants and bars, shipping containers have also found their way into the housing market in Charleston. The concept of repurposing used cargo containers to build homes has gained popularity due to its cost-effectiveness and shorter construction time compared to traditional homes.

Magoline Hazelton, known as the “house lady” by her neighbors in North Charleston, is the proud owner of one of Charleston’s first shipping container houses. Her unique home has become a local attraction, with people driving by just to catch a glimpse of this innovative housing solution. Repurposed shipping container homes can be built in a fraction of the time it takes to construct conventional homes, making them an appealing option for those seeking a simpler and more energy-efficient lifestyle.

Shipping Container Businesses in Charleston

Charleston is home to several businesses that heavily rely on shipping containers. Cryovac, Michelin, Sonoco, PruittHealth, The InterTech Group, and Corestaff Services are among the largest companies in Charleston that employ shipping containers in their operations. These containers play a crucial role in transporting diverse types of goods through the Port of Charleston, including aircraft, automobiles, machinery, and more.

Shipping Container Storage Solutions in Charleston

Aside from their use in restaurants, homes, and businesses, shipping containers are also widely utilized for self-storage purposes in Charleston. Many individuals and businesses opt to purchase or rent shipping containers for secure and convenient storage on their properties.

Conex Depot specializes in the sale of new and used shipping containers in the Metro Charleston area. Whether you need a container for inventory storage, construction materials, or furniture during remodeling projects, Conex Depot offers a range of storage solutions to meet your needs. Their knowledgeable sales team can provide guidance on selecting the right container size for your specific requirements.

Charleston’s Shipping Routes and Infrastructure

Charleston’s strategic location is further enhanced by its excellent transportation infrastructure, including highways and railroads that facilitate the smooth flow of container shipments.

Interstate Highways in South Carolina

South Carolina boasts a well-connected interstate highway system that allows for efficient transportation of goods via intermodal containers. The primary interstate routes serving Charleston are I-20, I-26, I-77, I-85, and I-95. These highways provide direct access to major markets and facilitate the seamless movement of containers to and from the Port of Charleston.

Railroad Container Shipping Routes

CSX Transportation Incorporated, a Class I railroad, operates major operations in Charleston, equipped with a Switching Yard, TRANSFLO Bulk Transfer Terminal, and Intermodal Terminal. CSX plays a crucial role in shipping various commodities by Conex containers, including automobiles, consumer products, food, and agricultural products.

The Port of Charleston has daily express intermodal and cargo container rail services through the CSX and Norfolk Southern systems, connecting Charleston to intermodal hubs across the Southeast, Gulf, and Midwest. This extensive rail network supports the shipping needs of key markets such as Memphis, Atlanta, Birmingham, Nashville, Charlotte, Louisville, and Huntsville.


Shipping containers offer a versatile and cost-effective solution for various needs in Charleston, South Carolina. Whether you are looking for storage options, innovative dining experiences, or sustainable housing solutions, shipping containers can provide the answer. With Charleston’s well-developed infrastructure and strategic location, these containers can be easily transported, ensuring that your needs are met efficiently and reliably.

Don’t hesitate to explore the possibilities of shipping containers in Charleston, South Carolina. Container One is here to empower your vision and creativity, providing you with the highest quality containers at the lowest prices. Contact us today to discover how shipping containers can transform your projects and fulfill your unique needs.