Insulating Shipping Containers: A Guide to InSoFast Panels

insofast shipping container insulation

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insofast shipping container insulation

Are you considering repurposing a shipping container into a home or any other living or working space? If so, one crucial aspect to consider is insulation. Proper insulation is vital for maintaining a comfortable and energy-efficient environment within the container. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore how InSoFast Expanded Polystyrene foam insulation panels can help you achieve your goals. We’ll delve into the benefits, installation process, and applications of InSoFast panels, providing you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Why Choose InSoFast Insulation Panels?

InSoFast insulation panels have gained popularity among homeowners and professionals alike due to their user-friendly nature, effectiveness, and versatility. Whether you are renovating an existing structure, constructing a new building, or transforming a shipping container, InSoFast panels offer a reliable insulation solution.

Easy Installation and Versatility

One of the primary reasons people choose InSoFast insulation panels is their ease of installation. These panels can be quickly and efficiently installed on various surfaces, including shipping container walls, older home interiors, new constructions, basement finishing projects, and even home exteriors. The panels work as a system, creating an insulation wall that helps regulate temperature and reduce noise transmission. Moreover, each panel can be easily modified to fit specific dimensions, allowing for a seamless and efficient installation process.

Addressing Unique Challenges of Shipping Containers

Insulating a shipping container poses specific challenges due to the container’s metal construction. These challenges include condensation formation, extreme temperature fluctuations, and amplified noise. Fortunately, InSoFast insulation panels are designed to address these issues effectively.

Preventing Condensation Formation

Condensation can be a significant concern when insulating shipping containers. When warm air comes into contact with the cooled metal surface of the container, moisture can accumulate, leading to various problems such as wood rot, damage to fiberglass insulation, and corrosion. However, InSoFast insulation prevents climate-controlled air from reaching the metal, minimizing condensation formation and its associated risks.

Regulating Temperature Fluctuations

Metal shipping containers are highly susceptible to extreme temperature fluctuations. In the winter, the interior can become unbearably cold, while in the summer, it can become uncomfortably hot. InSoFast insulation panels provide an effective solution by enhancing the container’s thermal envelope. This helps maintain a more consistent and comfortable interior temperature throughout the year.

Soundproofing Capabilities

Shipping containers often suffer from amplified noise due to their metal construction. Whether it’s the sound of raindrops hitting the roof or external noises penetrating the container, soundproofing becomes essential for creating a peaceful and quiet living or working space. InSoFast insulation panels offer excellent soundproofing capabilities, reducing noise transmission and creating a more serene environment.

High-Quality Expanded Polystyrene Foam Insulation

InSoFast insulation panels are made of high-quality Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam, specifically designed for optimal insulation performance. The closed-cell structure of EPS foam provides superior thermal resistance, effectively reducing heat transfer and increasing energy efficiency. Furthermore, InSoFast panels are injection-molded into a precise design that ensures easy application and enhanced functionality.

Strength and Load-Bearing Capacity

The EPS foam used in InSoFast panels is twice as strong as open-cell insulation products. This increased strength allows the panels to handle heavier loads, making them suitable for various applications, including shipping container transformations. Additionally, the panels are non-porous, further enhancing their energy efficiency and durability.

InSoFast CX 44 Panels for Shipping Containers

InSoFast offers a range of insulation panels specifically designed for shipping container applications. The InSoFast CX 44 panels are ideal for insulating the side walls of shipping containers. These panels are only 2″ thick, minimizing the space they occupy within the container while still providing excellent insulation properties.

Installation Process

Installing InSoFast CX 44 panels in shipping containers is a straightforward process. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

  1. Prepare the Container: Ensure the container walls are clean and free of any debris or protrusions that may hinder panel installation.
  2. Measure and Cut Panels: Measure the dimensions of the container walls and cut the InSoFast CX 44 panels to fit accordingly. Use a sharp utility knife or a panel cutting tool for precision.
  3. Fit Panels Horizontally: Place the InSoFast panels horizontally along the side walls of the container. The interlocking design of the panels allows for a secure and seamless fit.
  4. Secure Panels: Use adhesive or mechanical fasteners to secure the panels to the container walls. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the best results.
  5. Repeat for Each Wall: Repeat the above steps for each side wall of the shipping container, ensuring a consistent and uniform insulation installation.

InSerts for End Walls, Ceilings, and Side Walls

In addition to the CX 44 panels, InSoFast provides InSerts specifically designed for end walls, ceilings, and side walls of shipping containers. These InSerts fit perfectly within the corrugated spaces created by the container’s construction, ensuring a precise and efficient insulation solution. insofast shipping container insulation

End Wall InSerts

The InSoFast End Wall InSerts are designed to insulate the end walls of shipping containers. They consist of custom-shaped foam inserts and metal “M” angle inserts. The foam inserts fit securely into the corrugated spaces, providing insulation and preventing heat transfer. The metal angle inserts add structural support to the end walls, enhancing the overall integrity of the insulation system.

Ceiling InSerts

For insulating the ceilings of shipping containers, InSoFast offers Ceiling InSerts. These inserts are specifically designed to fit within the corrugated ridges of the container’s ceiling. They effectively reduce heat transfer and enhance the energy efficiency of the container. The Ceiling InSerts come in a box containing multiple inserts, depending on the size of the container.

Side Wall InSerts

The InSoFast Side Wall InSerts are designed to fit between the corrugations of the container’s side walls. These inserts provide insulation and prevent heat transfer, ensuring a comfortable interior environment. Like the other InSerts, the Side Wall InSerts are available in boxes containing multiple inserts, depending on the size of the container.

Additional Information

In addition to the InSoFast insulation panels and InSerts, there are other factors to consider when insulating a shipping container. Here are a few key points to keep in mind:

Moisture Control

Moisture control is essential when insulating shipping containers. Proper ventilation, vapor barriers, and moisture-resistant materials can help prevent condensation and moisture-related issues. Consult with a professional or do thorough research to ensure you implement effective moisture control measures.

Energy Efficiency

Insulating a shipping container can significantly improve its energy efficiency. By reducing heat transfer and maintaining a consistent interior temperature, you can reduce energy consumption and save on heating and cooling costs. Consider the overall insulation system, including insulation panels, air sealing, and additional energy-saving measures.

Building Codes and Regulations

When converting a shipping container into a livable space, it is essential to comply with local building codes and regulations. Consult with local authorities or a building professional to ensure your insulation and overall construction meet all necessary requirements.


InSoFast insulation panels provide an excellent solution for insulating shipping containers and creating comfortable, energy-efficient living or working spaces. With their easy installation process, versatility, and exceptional thermal performance, InSoFast panels are a popular choice among homeowners and professionals. By addressing the unique challenges of shipping containers, such as condensation, temperature fluctuations, and noise transmission, InSoFast insulation panels offer an effective and reliable solution. Whether you are embarking on a shipping container transformation or any other insulation project, consider InSoFast for your insulation needs.

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