Extra Wide Shipping Containers: The Ultimate Storage Solution

extra wide shipping containers online

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extra wide shipping containers online

Are you in need of extra storage space? Look no further than extra wide shipping containers. These industry-exclusive containers offer two additional feet of storage capacity, providing you with ample room to accommodate larger or unusually-shaped items. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the benefits and applications of extra wide shipping containers, the security features they offer, and the reliable service provided by top manufacturers. So, let’s dive in and discover the ultimate storage solution!

What Are Extra Wide Shipping Containers?

Extra wide shipping containers are specifically designed to cater to storage needs that go beyond the limitations of standard containers. While standard shipping containers typically have external widths of 8 feet, extra wide containers extend to 10 feet. This additional width allows for more flexibility in storing larger and bulkier items.

When to Use an Extra Wide Shipping Container

Extra wide shipping containers are the perfect solution for a wide range of storage needs. Whether you’re involved in commercial projects, large-scale construction, or planning a residential move, these containers can accommodate your requirements. Here are some common applications for extra wide shipping containers:

Construction Sites

Construction projects often require the storage of heavy equipment, tools, and supplies. With an extra wide shipping container, you can easily house all your construction materials and keep them secure.

Retail Stores

Retail store owners can benefit from the extra space provided by wide storage bins to store excess inventory, seasonal equipment, and supplies. It’s a convenient way to manage stock and ensure that everything is easily accessible when needed.

Residential Moves

Moving can be a challenging task, especially when you have large or oversized furniture, tech, and equipment. Extra wide shipping containers provide the extra space you need to safely store and transport your belongings during a residential move.

School Districts

School districts often require additional storage space for equipment, supplies, and furniture. Extra wide shipping containers offer a secure and flexible storage solution that can be easily customized to meet the specific needs of educational institutions.

Benefits of Extra Wide Shipping Containers

Extra wide shipping containers offer numerous benefits over their standard-sized counterparts. Let’s take a closer look at some of these advantages:

Ample Storage Space

The additional two feet of width in extra wide shipping containers provides ample storage space for oversized and unusually-shaped equipment. Whether you need to store construction machinery or office furniture, these containers can accommodate your needs.

Durability and Strength

Extra wide shipping containers are constructed using 100% corrugated steel, making them incredibly durable and able to withstand heavy-duty loading and unloading. They are built to last and protect your stored items from theft and damage related to weather or other external risks.

Easy Loading and Unloading

The wider width of these containers makes loading and unloading a breeze. You’ll have more room to maneuver and arrange your items, saving you time and effort.

Portability and Customization

Extra wide shipping containers are designed to be portable, allowing you to easily transport them from one work site to another. Additionally, they can be customized with features that match your specific needs and work environments.

Security Features of Extra Wide Storage Containers

When it comes to storage, security is paramount. Extra wide storage containers are equipped with top-notch security features to ensure that your belongings are safe and protected. Let’s explore some of these security measures:

Tri-Cam Locking System

All Mobile Mini double-wide shipping containers come with a patented tri-cam locking system. This system is virtually impenetrable without a key, providing you with peace of mind knowing that your stored items are secure.

Weatherproof Design

Extra wide storage containers are constructed using weatherproof materials to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions. You can trust that your belongings will remain safe and dry, no matter the external environment.

Door Options for Extra Wide Storage Containers

The doors of extra wide storage containers play a crucial role in facilitating easy access and efficient loading and unloading. Let’s take a look at the door options available for these containers:

18-ft Extra Wide Storage Container

  • Single-Entry Doors: These doors open wider than standard doors, similar to barn doors, allowing you to utilize the entire width of your storage unit. They are ideal for commercial sites or large residential moves where you need to maneuver equipment and larger furniture items easily.
  • Standard Doors: These doors resemble regular doors and are suitable for basic storage needs.
  • Premium Doors: Designed for convenience, premium doors open easily with one hand, making them a perfect choice for situations where you require quick and effortless access.

25-ft Extra Wide Storage Container

  • Double-Entry Doors: Both doors of the 25-ft extra wide storage container open fully, allowing for easy entry and exit. This configuration is ideal for situations where you need to access your unit frequently throughout the day. extra wide shipping containers online

Dependable Service You Can Trust

When it comes to renting or purchasing extra wide storage containers, you need a reliable and efficient service provider. Mobile Mini, a trusted name in the industry, offers top-notch service from rental through pick-up. Their award-winning customer service team ensures that your storage container is delivered when and where you need it, making the entire process stress-free. extra wide shipping containers online


Extra wide shipping containers provide the perfect solution for your storage needs when standard containers just don’t cut it. With their additional two feet of width, these containers offer ample space to store oversized and unusually-shaped items securely. Whether you’re involved in construction projects, retail, residential moves, or school districts, extra wide storage containers can accommodate your requirements. With their durability, portability, and customizable features, these containers provide a practical and efficient storage solution. When it comes to security, extra wide storage containers are equipped with advanced features such as the tri-cam locking system and weatherproof design. With dependable service from top manufacturers like Mobile Mini, you can trust that your storage needs will be met with professionalism and efficiency. So, make the smart choice and invest in extra wide shipping containers for all your storage needs! extra wide shipping containers online

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