12-Foot Wide Shipping Containers: The Perfect Solution for Your Storage Needs

12 ft wide shipping container for sale

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12 ft wide shipping container for sale

Are you in need of a storage solution that offers unparalleled strength and security? Look no further than 12-foot wide shipping containers. These custom-built containers are designed to meet your specific requirements and provide a reliable storage option for your goods. In this article, we will explore the benefits of 12-foot wide shipping containers, their features, and the various modifications available to customize them to suit your needs. 12 ft wide shipping container for sale

Why Choose a 12-Foot Wide Shipping Container?

When it comes to storage containers, 12-foot wide shipping containers offer a unique advantage. These containers are constructed by cutting down larger containers to the desired size, ensuring that they maintain the same durability and load-bearing capacity as their larger counterparts. With their robust steel construction, 12-foot wide shipping containers are built to withstand the rigors of shipping and heavy loads. This makes them an ideal choice for secure and long-lasting storage. 12 ft wide shipping container for sale

Features and Specifications of 12-Foot Wide Shipping Containers


12-foot wide shipping containers boast ample space for storing your goods. The external dimensions typically measure 12 feet in length, 8 feet in width, and 8 feet 6 inches in height. The internal dimensions offer approximately 9 feet 3 inches of length, 7 feet 8 inches of width, and 7 feet 12 inches of height, providing plenty of room to accommodate your storage needs.


These containers are made from high-quality steel, ensuring their strength and durability. The robust construction of 12-foot wide shipping containers makes them resistant to harsh weather conditions, theft, and damage, providing you with peace of mind knowing that your stored items are safe and secure.

Customization Options

To further enhance the functionality of your 12-foot wide shipping container, various modifications are available. These modifications include:

  • Doors: Choose from a range of door types, such as end doors or side doors, to suit your specific requirements. Whether you need easy access from the front or additional entry points from the sides, there is a door option for every need.
  • Interior Upgrades: Transform your container into a specialized workspace by adding features like personnel doors, ply lining, melamine lining, or even electrical installations. These upgrades allow you to create a customized workshop or a pop-up catering business, making the most of your 12-foot wide container.
  • Security Enhancements: Ensure the safety of your stored items with security upgrades such as windows, vents, shutters, and additional locking mechanisms. These enhancements provide an extra layer of protection against unauthorized access and theft.

Applications of 12-Foot Wide Shipping Containers

12-foot wide shipping containers offer versatility in their applications. Here are some popular uses for these containers:

1. Storage Solution

The primary purpose of 12-foot wide shipping containers is to provide secure and convenient storage. Whether you need to store household items, equipment, inventory, or any other belongings, these containers offer a spacious and reliable solution.

2. Workshop

With the addition of a personnel door and ply lining, a 12-foot wide shipping container can be transformed into a compact workshop. This versatile workspace allows you to carry out various tasks, such as woodworking, metalworking, or any other hands-on projects.

3. Pop-Up Shop

If you’re in the market for a mobile retail space or a pop-up shop, a 12-foot wide shipping container can be customized to meet your needs. By adding melamine lining, a hatch, or a roller shutter, you can create an attractive and functional space for your business.

4. Event Storage

12-foot wide shipping containers are also ideal for event storage. Whether you need a secure space to store event equipment, supplies, or merchandise, these containers offer a practical and reliable solution.

Purchasing a 12-Foot Wide Shipping Container

When considering purchasing a 12-foot wide shipping container, it’s important to choose a reputable supplier that offers quality products and reliable service. Look for a company that specializes in customizing containers and provides a range of options for modifications, ensuring that your container meets your unique requirements.

Additionally, consider the condition of the container. While used containers are more cost-effective, refurbished containers with a watertight guarantee offer added peace of mind. If aesthetics are important to you, inquire about the available paint options or the possibility of custom color matching.


In conclusion, 12-foot wide shipping containers provide a versatile and robust storage solution for a variety of needs. With their sturdy construction, customizable features, and secure design, these containers are an excellent choice for anyone in need of reliable storage space. Whether you require a storage solution for personal, commercial, or event use, a 12-foot wide shipping container offers the strength and functionality you need. Choose a reputable supplier, discuss your customization options, and enjoy the convenience and peace of mind that comes with owning a 12-foot wide shipping container.