Shipping Containers Under $1000: Find Affordable Options Near You

shipping containers under $1 000 near me

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shipping containers under $1 000 near me

Are you in need of shipping containers under $1000? Finding affordable options can be a challenging task, especially if you rely on traditional sourcing methods. Local sellers may not be able to match your budget expectations. However, there are ways to find sales offers that fit within your price range. In this article, we will explore how you can find standard shipping containers for sale under $1000 and provide tips for inspecting used containers before making a purchase. shipping containers under $1 000 near me

How to Find Standard Shipping Containers for Sale Under $1000

Finding standard shipping containers for sale under $1000 requires diligent research and exploration of various sources. While you can keep an eye on container auctions and your supplier network, this process can be time-consuming and containers under $1000 are hard to come by.

A quicker and simpler way is through a container trading platform like Container xChange. On this platform, container owners list their surplus containers at various price points. You can filter your search by price or contact sellers directly to negotiate within your budget. This not only allows you to find listings for shipping containers under $1000 within minutes but also saves you from hefty commissions.

High cube containers

With Container xChange, you can compare prices, connect directly with sellers, and negotiate better deals. Currently, there are over 50 offers for containers under $1000 on the platform. Click here to check out these offers!

Get 20′ Shipping Containers Under $1000

If you’re looking for a smaller-sized container, the 20ft container is a suitable option for most dry cargo. It is also one of the most affordable containers in the market. You can find used 20ft containers for as low as $800 in locations like Chicago, Illinois. Container xChange provides offers for 20ft used containers in various locations. Click here to explore offers for 20ft containers in your preferred location.

20ft standard container

Get 40′ Shipping Containers for Sale Under $1000

If you require more storage space, 40ft standard containers are a great option. They offer double the capacity of a 20ft container, but the price is only around 30% higher. You can find 40ft containers under $1000 in conditions like WWT (Wind and Water Tight) or As-is. WWT containers are often used as storage containers, while As-Is containers can be easily modified for remodeling projects. For example, you can get a 40ft used container for $964 in Wilmington, Delaware. Explore more offers for 40ft containers in over 2500 locations globally by clicking here.

40ft standard container

Access Real-time Container Prices to Find Shipping Containers Under $1000

To ensure that you buy containers at the best price, it’s important to know the current market prices in this volatile industry. This way, you can identify the best locations to buy containers under $1000 and strike the best deals. Container xChange offers a tool called xChange Insights, where you can access container prices in over 110 locations globally.

On xChange Insights, you can select your desired location, container type, and condition to see the prices. You can even analyze price development over weeks, months, or even several years. This valuable information helps you analyze pricing trends and identify the optimal time to buy or sell your equipment. For example, you can see that the price of 20ft cargo-worthy containers in Antwerp, Belgium is less than $1000, while the same container in Ningbo, China costs more than $1200. This insight allows you to make informed decisions and save money on every container deal. Click here to try xChange Insights for free today!

shipping containers under $1 000 near me

Buy Shipping Containers Under $1000 on Container xChange

If you’re in the business of container trading or simply want to buy containers under $1000, Container xChange is the ideal platform for you. Not only can you find the best prices for containers, but our platform also offers an array of other benefits.

Find Container Sellers in 2500+ Locations Globally

On the Container xChange trading platform, you can connect with vetted shipping container sellers in over 2500 locations worldwide. Each member undergoes a background check, ensuring that you’re dealing with reputable and trustworthy sellers. Additionally, you can browse through sellers’ profiles, see their ratings and reviews, and communicate directly with them through our platform.

No Brokers. Deal Directly with Vetted Sellers

Container brokers in the shipping industry are known for taking significant cuts in container deals, which can cost you anywhere between $100 to $500 in brokerage fees. On the Container xChange trading platform, you deal directly with vetted sellers, eliminating the need for brokers. We don’t charge any commission on your deals, allowing you to buy containers at the best prices. shipping containers under $1 000 near me

Make Safe and Secure Payments

Dealing with new partners can be risky, but Container xChange offers a solution with the xChange wallet. This feature allows you to make safe and secure payments, ensuring that your money is protected. Additionally, you can conveniently track all your payments in one place for easy management.

shipping containers under $1 000 near me

Container xChange provides all these benefits on a single and safe platform. Choose from a selection of over 50,000 containers offered by 1500+ vetted sellers. Click the banner above to get your free demo today!

Shipping Containers Under $1000: Common FAQs

How much does a 20ft shipping container cost?

A new 20ft shipping container typically costs between $1500 to $2000. However, a used or cargo-worthy container can be purchased for approximately $800 to $1200, depending on the condition and location.

Which is the cheapest shipping container?

The 20ft used shipping container is one of the most affordable options in the market. The average price for a cargo-worthy container ranges between $800 to $1200, depending on the location.

Which shipping containers can be bought under $1000?

You can buy 20ft used or cargo-worthy shipping containers under $1000. Additionally, 40ft containers in conditions like WWT or As-Is can also be found within this price range.


Finding shipping containers under $1000 is possible with the right resources and knowledge. Through platforms like Container xChange, you can access a wide range of container offers in various locations and negotiate within your budget. Don’t forget to inspect used containers thoroughly before making a purchase to ensure their quality and suitability for your needs. By utilizing real-time container price insights, you can make informed decisions and secure the best deals. With Container xChange, you can buy containers under $1000 directly from vetted sellers in over 2500 locations globally, eliminating the need for brokers and saving on commissions. Start exploring the affordable container options available to you and find the perfect solution for your shipping and storage needs.