dry box shipping containers Everything You Need to Know About Renting a Shipping Container

dry box shipping containers

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## Introduction

dry box shipping containers

If you’re in need of extra storage space for your home, a secure storage solution for your building site, or temporary storage for seasonal overstock for your business, renting a shipping container can be the perfect solution. At Dry Box, we provide high-quality shipping container rentals to meet all your storage needs. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about renting a shipping container, from the different sizes and types available to the rental process and delivery options.

Why Rent a Shipping Container?

Shipping containers offer a cost-effective and versatile storage solution for a wide range of purposes. Whether you’re moving, renovating your home, or need additional space for your business, renting a shipping container provides instant and affordable storage. Here are some key reasons why renting a shipping container might be the right choice for you:

  1. Convenience: Shipping containers are easily accessible with ground-level entry, making it convenient to load and unload your belongings.
  2. Security: Built with solid steel construction, shipping containers are highly secure and provide peace of mind for storing valuable items.
  3. Versatility: Shipping containers can be used for various purposes, including residential storage, commercial storage, and on-site storage for construction projects.
  4. Weatherproof: Designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, shipping containers are windproof and watertight, ensuring that your belongings remain safe and dry.

Renting a Shipping Container

Choosing the Right Size

Shipping containers come in various sizes, but one of the most popular options is the 20ft container. Measuring 20 feet long and 8 feet wide, these containers offer ample space for storage. Depending on how you pack your items, a 20ft container can accommodate between four and six rooms’ worth of belongings.

Types of Containers

When renting a shipping container, you have the option to choose between new and used containers. New one-trip containers are in excellent condition and come in different colors, such as tan, beige, grey, and blue. Used containers, on the other hand, can be classified as wind and water-tight (WWT) or cargo-worthy (CW). WWT containers are suitable for general storage purposes, while CW containers have been certified for international shipping.

Rental Process

Renting a shipping container is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate through the rental process:

  1. Contact a Rental Provider: Get in touch with a reputable shipping container rental provider in your area. Dry Box has multiple locations in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, and Nevada.
  2. Discuss Your Requirements: Share your storage needs and requirements with the rental provider. They will help you choose the right container size and type based on your specific needs.
  3. Agree on Rental Terms: Once you’ve selected a container, finalize the rental terms with the provider. This includes the rental duration, delivery details, and any additional services you may require.
  4. Delivery and Setup: The rental provider will schedule the delivery of the container to your desired location. Ensure that the delivery site meets the requirements, such as a solid, level ground with sufficient clearance for the container.
  5. Load and Use the Container: Once the container is delivered, you can start loading your belongings or using it for its intended purpose. Take advantage of the ground-level access and secure your container with a high-security lock box if desired.

Delivery and Pickup Options

At Dry Box, we offer fast and reliable delivery to various locations in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, and Nevada. Our pickup locations include Chehalis, Portland, and Tacoma. Whether you need a container delivered to your home, business, or construction site, we can accommodate your needs.

Container Modifications

If you have specific requirements that go beyond standard shipping containers, Dry Box offers custom modification services. Located between Portland and Seattle, our modification shop can provide a range of modifications to meet your unique needs. From adding doors and windows to insulation and electrical work, our team can create a customized container that fits your exact specifications.

Rental Tips and Considerations

Before renting a shipping container, there are a few important factors to consider:

  1. Site Preparation: Ensure that the delivery site is prepared with a solid, level ground. A gravel base is preferable for stability. Clear any obstacles and ensure there is sufficient clearance for the container to be delivered.
  2. Container Size: Determine the appropriate container size based on your storage needs. Consider the number of rooms’ worth of belongings you need to store and any additional space requirements.
  3. Delivery Requirements: If your delivery site has any specific constraints, such as a steep driveway or tight access, communicate these details to the rental provider. They can advise on the feasibility of the delivery or suggest alternative solutions.
  4. Security Measures: Consider adding additional security measures to protect your stored items. High-security lock boxes and locks are available as optional features for added peace of mind.


Renting a shipping container provides a versatile and cost-effective storage solution for various purposes. Whether you need temporary storage during a move or long-term storage for your business, shipping containers offer convenience, security, and weatherproof storage space. By choosing a reputable rental provider like Dry Box, you can enjoy a seamless rental process and reliable delivery service to meet your storage needs. Contact us today to get started on renting a shipping container in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, or Nevada.

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