Buy Shipping Containers in Tampa, FL: A Comprehensive Guide

shipping containers for sale in florida

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shipping containers for sale in florida

Are you in need of a shipping container in Tampa, Florida? Look no further! In this guide, we will explore everything you need to know about buying shipping containers in Tampa. From delivery options to container dimensions, conditions, and where to buy, we’ve got you covered. So let’s dive in and discover the world of shipping containers in Tampa! shipping containers for sale in florida

Why Buy Shipping Containers in Tampa, FL?

Tampa, located on the Gulf Coast of Florida, is a major transportation hub and a hotspot for container shipping in the USA. With its seaport, extensive network of railroad freight routes, and proximity to major highways, Tampa offers a prime location for shipping container activities. Whether you’re a business owner looking for storage solutions, a developer seeking unique architectural projects, or an individual in need of self-storage, buying a shipping container in Tampa can be a practical and cost-effective choice.

Delivery Options for Used Shipping Containers

When purchasing a used shipping container, you have several delivery options to choose from. The average delivery timeline is 7-10 business days after payment, although this may vary due to weather and other factors. Here are the two main delivery options available:

  1. Roll Off: With this option, the container arrives on a trailer that tilts back, placing the edge of the container on the ground. The trailer then pulls away, allowing the container to roll off onto the ground.
  2. Customer Assist: This option requires the customer to have an anchor point at the delivery site. A chain is attached to the container and then connected to the anchor point. The trailer then pulls away, and the container slides onto the ground.

For more information on delivery options, you can visit the Container Delivery Options page.

Shipping Container Dimensions & Specifications

Shipping containers come in different sizes to accommodate various storage needs. Here are the primary dimensions and specifications for shipping containers:

  1. 20 ft Containers: Standard 20 ft containers are 8′ 6″ in height and 8′ wide.
  2. 40 ft Containers (most common): Standard 40 ft containers are also 8′ 6″ in height and 8′ wide. High cube units, which are 9′ 6″ in height, are also available and are popular for their increased storage capacity.
  3. 10 ft Collapsible Containers: Container One is the exclusive supplier of 10 ft collapsible shipping containers. These units require customer pickup and come in sets of 15 collapsed containers shipped in a 40 ft High Cube container.
  4. 53 ft Containers: Container One is the leading supplier of 53 ft containers. These units require customer pickup and are available in high cube dimensions of 9′ 6″ in height and 8′ 6″ wide.

To get a visual representation of the different container sizes, refer to the Shipping Container Sizes & Dimensions image.

When considering purchasing a shipping container, it’s important to measure the items you plan to store and ensure that the container can accommodate your needs. For more detailed information on shipping container dimensions and specifications, you can visit the Shipping Container Dimensions page.

Used Shipping Container Conditions

Before buying a used shipping container, it’s essential to understand the different conditions they may come in. Here are the four main container conditions you may encounter:

  1. New/1Trip: These containers have only been loaded once from the manufacturer, making them the highest condition containers available.
  2. Wind and Water Tight (WWT): These units are no longer certifiable for shipping cargo on trains and ships but are perfect for personal storage or protection from the elements.
  3. Cargo Worthy (CW): Cargo-worthy containers are guaranteed to pass re-certification for loading on ships or trains. They can be used for shipping cargo globally.
  4. AS IS: Used units sold “as is” may have holes, floor damage, or other repairs needed. These containers are typically priced lower but may require additional work.

It’s important to consider your specific needs and budget when choosing the appropriate condition for your shipping container.

Where to Buy Containers Around Tampa, Florida

When it comes to buying shipping containers in Tampa, Florida, Container One is the leading provider. With the lowest prices in the industry and a five-year structural guarantee on all containers, Container One serves both residential and commercial customers. Whether you’re in St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Lakeland, or any other city near Tampa, Container One can fulfill all your container needs.

Tampa, Florida Facts and Figures

Before diving into the container-buying process, let’s take a quick look at some facts and figures about Tampa, Florida:

  • Population: Tampa is the third-largest city in Florida, with a population of 387,916.
  • Largest Surrounding Cities: The largest surrounding cities near Tampa include St. Petersburg (261,338), Clearwater (115,159), and Lakeland (107,922).
  • Total Land Area: Tampa spans 175.8 square miles.

Fun Facts:

  • Tampa has never experienced a temperature above 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Bayshore Boulevard, located in Tampa, boasts the world’s longest continuous sidewalk, stretching 4.5 miles.
  • In 2020, all three professional sports teams in Tampa (Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tampa Bay Lightning, and Tampa Bay Rays) reached their respective championships.

Shop Tampa, Florida Shipping Containers

Now that you have a better understanding of shipping containers and Tampa, Florida, it’s time to explore Container One’s selection of shipping containers. With unmatched prices and various warranty options, Container One is your go-to source for shipping containers. Visit their Shop Containers page to get a quote and find the perfect container for your needs.


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