Shipping Container Bars: Revolutionizing the Mobile Business Landscape

shipping container bars

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shipping container bar


shipping container bars

In recent years, the mobile business industry has seen a significant surge in popularity. From wineries and eateries to taprooms and events, entrepreneurs are constantly seeking innovative ways to bring their businesses to the masses. One such innovation that has taken the industry by storm is the shipping container bar. These eye-catching and infinitely customizable mobile platforms offer twice the space of a food truck at a similar cost, making them the gold standard for full-service businesses on the go.

The BoxPop® 20: A Mobile Business Platform with a Brick-and-Mortar Feel

BoxPop® 20

One of the leading contenders in the shipping container bar market is the BoxPop® 20. This mobile business platform delivers a unique brick-and-mortar feel with open-air comfort, capturing the attention of customers looking to avoid cramped indoor spaces and crowded environments. With a first-level floor space measuring 20′ x 8′ and a second-level floor space of 24′ x 8′, the BoxPop® 20 provides ample room for a variety of business operations.

Key Features and Specifications

The BoxPop® 20 comes with a range of standard features that elevate it above run-of-the-mill wine service options. These features include:

  • Custom paint system for branding and aesthetics
  • Flip-up awning serving window for easy customer interaction
  • Electrical infrastructure and LED lighting for a well-lit and functional space
  • Handwash sink with plumbing rough-in for cleanliness and sanitation
  • Solid surface countertops for durability and style
  • Wall insulation and panels for temperature control and comfort

The weight of the BoxPop® 20 is approximately 8,500 lbs, making it easily transportable with a large capacity pickup truck (3,500 or higher). The base price for this versatile mobile business platform starts at $60,000, with various popular add-ons available for customization.

Customization Options: Tailoring the BoxPop® 20 to Your Needs

Customization Options

To truly create a mobile business platform that stands out and captures attention, customization is key. The BoxPop® 20 offers several popular add-ons that can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of different businesses. These add-ons include:

  • Rooftop deck with stairs for additional seating and outdoor experience
  • Mechanical cooling and heating unit for climate control
  • Exhaust fan to ensure proper ventilation
  • Kitchen equipment package for food preparation and service
  • Automatic awnings for added convenience and protection from the elements
  • Misting machines to keep customers cool during hot weather
  • Bar height seating for a comfortable and stylish experience
  • Sound system for entertainment and ambiance
  • Hydraulic lifting feet for stability and leveling

With such a wide range of customization options, the BoxPop® 20 can be transformed into a unique and tailored mobile business platform that perfectly suits the needs and branding of any business.

Purchase or Lease-to-Own Options: Flexibility for Entrepreneurs

Purchase or Lease-to-Own

The BoxPop® 20 offers entrepreneurs the flexibility to choose between purchasing or opting for a lease-to-own arrangement. This flexibility enables businesses to adapt their financial strategy and choose the option that best suits their budget and long-term goals. Additionally, the BoxPop® 20 comes with a one-year warranty, providing peace of mind and support for entrepreneurs embarking on their mobile business journey.

ContekPro: Standard Models for Simplified Customer Experience


ContekPro is a leading provider of shipping container bars, offering a range of standard models designed to simplify the customer experience. These pre-designed and pre-engineered models have been meticulously created by ContekPro’s in-house product team, leveraging their extensive kitchen design, engineering, and manufacturing experience. By choosing one of ContekPro’s standard models, businesses can save time, reduce design and engineering costs, and streamline their customer experience.

Modular Kitchen Floor Plans for Every Business

Modular Kitchen Floor Plans

Whether you’re operating a resort in the Caribbean or a ghost kitchen in San Francisco, ContekPro has a modular kitchen floor plan to suit your needs. These floor plans have been developed based on years of experience and cater to a wide range of business requirements. With ContekPro’s standard models, businesses can benefit from proven floor plans that have been designed and engineered to maximize efficiency and functionality.

Advantages of Choosing Standard Models

Opting for one of ContekPro’s standard models comes with several advantages for mobile businesses. These advantages include:

  • Time-saving: By selecting a pre-designed model, businesses can skip the lengthy design process and get their operations up and running faster.
  • Cost-effective: With pre-engineered models, businesses can significantly reduce design and engineering costs, allowing them to allocate their resources more efficiently.
  • Simplified experience: ContekPro’s standard models provide a seamless and straightforward customer experience, ensuring that businesses can focus on their core operations without unnecessary complications.


Shipping container bars have revolutionized the mobile business landscape, offering entrepreneurs a unique and customizable platform to bring their businesses to life. The BoxPop® 20, with its spacious design and extensive customization options, stands as a testament to the innovation and creativity in the industry. Meanwhile, ContekPro’s range of standard models simplifies the customer experience, providing businesses with time-saving and cost-effective solutions. As the mobile business industry continues to grow, shipping container bars are sure to remain at the forefront, enabling entrepreneurs to deliver real experiences that are interactive, meaningful, and fun.