The Ultimate Guide to PODS Shipping Containers

pods shipping containers

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PODS Shipping Containers


pods shipping containers

When it comes to moving and storage solutions, PODS is a name that stands out. With their versatile and convenient shipping containers, they have revolutionized the way people approach relocation and storage needs. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore everything you need to know about PODS shipping containers, from their sizes and features to the benefits they offer. Whether you’re planning a move or require temporary storage, PODS has got you covered.

Understanding PODS Shipping Containers

PODS offers a wide range of shipping containers designed to meet different needs. These containers are available in multiple sizes, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your requirements. Let’s take a closer look at the size options offered by PODS:

Large Container – 16-Foot

The large container, measuring 16-feet in length, is ideal for a 2-bedroom home or up to 1,200 sq. ft. of space. It is comparable to a 10’x15′ storage unit or a 20′ truck. This spacious container provides ample room to pack and store your belongings securely.

Medium Container – 12-Foot

If you have a 1-bedroom home or a space of 500-800 sq. ft., the medium container is the perfect choice. It is great for packing away items from 2 or 3 rooms and is comparable to a 10’x10′ storage unit or a 15′ truck. With its convenient size, it offers a balance between capacity and portability.

Small Container – 8-Foot

The small container, measuring 8-feet in length, is suitable for a studio or a room of 500 sq. ft. or less. It’s a popular choice for college students and can be compared to a 5’x10′ storage unit or a 10′ truck. Despite its compact size, it provides surprising roominess for your storage needs.

Features and Benefits of PODS Shipping Containers

When it comes to protecting your belongings, PODS prioritizes safety and security. Their containers are built with durability in mind, ensuring your items remain safe during transit and storage. Here are some key features and benefits of PODS shipping containers:

  1. Strong and Weather-Resistant: PODS containers are constructed with high-tech polymer wall panels or sturdy wood reinforced with an aluminum exterior sheet. These materials provide excellent impact and weather resistance, keeping your belongings protected from the elements.
  2. Exclusive Lock and Key Access: With PODS, you have full control over who has access to your stored items. You are the sole owner of the lock and key, ensuring maximum security and peace of mind.
  3. Convenient Tie-Down Rings: PODS containers are equipped with tie-down rings that allow you to secure your belongings during transportation. This feature enables you to use ropes or straps to prevent any shifting or damage to your items.
  4. Space-Efficient Roll-Up Doors: Unlike traditional swing doors, PODS containers feature roll-up doors that require less space to open. This means you have more room in your driveway or storage area, making the loading and unloading process more convenient.
  5. Ground-Level Access: Loading and unloading your belongings is made easier with PODS containers’ ground-level access. Say goodbye to the hassle of navigating ramps or stairs when moving heavy or bulky items.

Finding the Perfect Size for Your Needs

Choosing the right size of PODS shipping container is crucial to ensure that all your belongings fit comfortably and securely. PODS offers a size guide and a moving and storage calculator to help you determine the ideal container size for your specific needs. Here’s a breakdown of the container sizes and their respective capacities:

Container SizeIdeal forComparable toCubic FeetDimensions
16-Foot2-bedroom home10’x15′ storage unit or 20′ truck83516′ x 8′ x 8′
12-Foot1-bedroom home10’x10′ storage unit or 15′ truck68912′ x 8′ x 8′
8-FootStudio or room5’x10′ storage unit or 10′ truck4028′ x 7′ x 8′

It’s important to note that these sizes are for guidance only, and the actual space required may vary based on the items being stored and the efficiency of loading. PODS containers offer flexibility, allowing you to mix and match different sizes to accommodate your specific needs.

PODZILLA: The Level-Lift System

PODS takes pride in their innovative level-lift system called PODZILLA. This system ensures that containers remain level while being lifted onto and off PODS trucks, minimizing the risk of any damage to your items. Additionally, PODZILLA can maneuver the container precisely, making it easier to navigate tight spaces during delivery or pickup.

Additional Services and Resources

PODS aims to provide a comprehensive moving and storage solution, offering additional services and resources to make your experience even smoother. Here are some of the services available:

  1. Hourly Labor Help: If you need assistance with packing and loading, PODS can connect you with local professionals who specialize in these tasks. Whether you prefer a DIY approach or require full-service options, there are options available to suit your needs.
  2. Moving Supplies: To ensure a successful move, PODS offers a range of moving supplies, including boxes, tape, and moving blankets. These supplies can be conveniently ordered with fast and free shipping, making your packing process hassle-free.
  3. Packing and Loading Video & Tips: PODS provides helpful resources such as videos and tips on packing and loading your containers effectively. These resources can guide you through the process and help maximize the available space.

How to Use PODS Shipping Containers

Using PODS shipping containers is a straightforward process that can be summarized in three simple steps:

  1. Get it & Load it: PODS delivers the container to your location, ensuring a contactless service for your safety and convenience. You can take your time loading your belongings at your own pace, right in your driveway. If you require assistance, PODS can connect you with local packing and loading companies.
  2. Keep it: With at-home storage, you have the flexibility to access your container whenever you need it. Whether you want convenient storage just steps away from your doorstep or prefer to take your time packing and loading, PODS containers accommodate your unique requirements.
  3. Store it: If you need temporary storage, PODS can pick up your loaded container and transport it to a local PODS Storage Center. These centers provide safe, secure, and easily accessible storage until you require access to your belongings again.

PODS for Business

PODS also caters to the storage and moving needs of businesses. Their commercial solutions offer portable containers for short and long-term rentals, with three sizes available. Additionally, PODS for Business provides an All-Steel Commercial Container exclusively designed for business customers.


PODS shipping containers provide a versatile and convenient solution for both residential and commercial moving and storage needs. With their range of sizes, durable construction, and unique features, PODS offers a hassle-free experience that prioritizes the safety and security of your belongings. Whether you’re planning a move, need temporary storage, or require business storage solutions, PODS has you covered. Embrace the flexibility and convenience of PODS shipping containers for your next relocation or storage project.

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