What Is an Extra-Wide Shipping Container?

extra wide shipping container

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extra wide shipping container

Extra-wide shipping containers are a versatile solution for those who require more storage space than what standard containers offer. While standard shipping containers typically have external widths of 8 feet, extra-wide storage containers provide an additional 2 feet, resulting in external widths of 10 feet. This extra width allows for the accommodation of larger or unusually-shaped items, making them ideal for a variety of storage needs.

When to Use an Extra-Wide 10 ft Shipping Container

Extra-wide 10 ft shipping containers are designed to meet even the most demanding storage requirements. These containers, constructed from 100% corrugated steel, offer durability and security for a range of applications. Whether you are involved in a commercial project, large residential move, hotel renovation, or a construction endeavor, the extra space provided by these containers can prove invaluable. Some common uses for extra-wide storage containers include:

  • Storing construction equipment and supplies
  • Managing excess inventory
  • Housing seasonal equipment and supplies
  • Storing large or oversized office furniture, technology, and equipment

The versatility of extra-wide storage containers makes them suitable for a wide range of customers, from retail store owners and construction project managers to school districts and families in need of additional storage during a big move. Whatever your storage needs may be, an extra-wide storage container can provide you with the space required to meet them.

Benefits of Wide Shipping Containers

Opting for an extra-wide shipping container offers several advantages over standard-sized containers. These benefits include:

1. Ample Space for Oversized and Unusually-Shaped Items

The additional 2 feet of width in an extra-wide shipping container allows for the storage of oversized and unusually-shaped items that may not fit comfortably in a standard container. This extra space provides flexibility and convenience, making it easier to organize and access your stored belongings.

2. Durability and Heavy-Duty Loading Capacity

Extra-wide storage containers are constructed from 100% corrugated steel, making them highly durable and capable of withstanding heavy-duty loading and unloading. This durability ensures that your stored items remain safe and secure, even in challenging environments.

3. Protection from Theft and External Risks

The robust design of extra-wide shipping containers provides enhanced security for your stored items. Equipped with a patented tri-cam locking system, these containers are virtually impenetrable without a key. Additionally, they are weatherproof, safeguarding your belongings from damage caused by external elements.

4. Easy Loading and Unloading

The wider entry point of extra-wide containers simplifies the process of loading and unloading your stored items. Whether it’s construction equipment, office furniture, or inventory, the additional space allows for easier maneuvering and accessibility.

5. Portability and Flexibility

Despite their larger size, extra-wide storage containers are still portable and easily transportable from one work site to another. This flexibility allows you to have the storage solution you need wherever your project takes you.

6. Customizable Features

Extra-wide shipping containers can be tailored to suit your specific requirements. Whether you need additional shelving, security features, or specialized storage options, these containers can be customized to meet your daily needs and work environments.

Security Features of Extra-Wide Storage Containers

When it comes to storage, security is paramount. At Mobile Mini, we understand the importance of keeping your belongings safe and protected. Our extra-wide storage containers are equipped with several security features to provide you with peace of mind.

One of the key security features is our patented tri-cam locking system. This advanced locking mechanism ensures that your container remains impenetrable without the proper key. Additionally, our steel extra-wide storage containers are weatherproof, designed to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions, further safeguarding your stored items.

Doors You Can Depend On

The doors of your storage container are crucial for easy access and efficient loading and unloading. Our extra-wide storage containers come with high-quality doors that are designed with functionality and convenience in mind.

For our 18-ft extra-wide storage containers, we offer three types of doors to suit various needs. The single-entry doors are ideal for commercial sites or large residential moves. These doors open wider than standard doors, allowing you to utilize almost the entire width of your storage unit to safely transport equipment and larger furniture items. We also offer standard doors that resemble regular doors and work well for basic storage needs. For added convenience, our premium doors are designed to open easily with just one hand.

In the case of our 25 ft extra-wide storage containers, double-entry doors are provided. These doors open fully, providing optimal access for situations where frequent entry and exit from the unit are required throughout the day.

Service You Can Depend On

At Mobile Mini, we strive to provide exceptional service to our customers. We understand that working with storage containers may not be an everyday occurrence for you, which is why our team is here to support you every step of the way.

From rental to pick-up, our award-winning customer service team ensures a stress-free and hassle-free experience. We will deliver your storage container when and where you need it, and once you’re done utilizing it, we will handle pick-up and removal. Our fully-integrated team of drivers ensures prompt and reliable service, and with our extensive inventory of mobile storage containers and 150 locations across North America, you can count on us for fast and efficient delivery.

In the unlikely event that you require critical repairs, Mobile Mini is committed to providing the best service in the industry. Our same-day or next-day service guarantees ensure that any necessary repairs are promptly addressed, minimizing any downtime or disruption to your storage needs.


When you require additional storage space beyond what standard containers offer, extra-wide shipping containers are the perfect solution. With their added width, these containers provide ample room for oversized and unusually-shaped items, making them suitable for a variety of storage needs. The benefits of extra-wide storage containers include enhanced security, durability, ease of loading and unloading, and the flexibility to customize the containers to your specific requirements.

At Mobile Mini, we prioritize the safety and satisfaction of our customers. Our extra-wide storage containers are equipped with advanced security features such as the patented tri-cam locking system, ensuring the protection of your stored belongings. Additionally, our team is dedicated to providing exceptional service, from on-time delivery to prompt pick-up and removal.

When it comes to storage solutions, trust Mobile Mini to provide the extra space you need, backed by reliable service and superior quality. Contact us today for a quote and discover the benefits of our extra-wide shipping containers for your storage needs.