shipping containers for sale in UK Shipping Containers for Sale: A Comprehensive Guide

shipping containers for sale in UK

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## Introduction

shipping containers for sale in UK

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on shipping containers for sale. Whether you’re in the construction industry, need extra storage space, or are looking for a unique solution for your business, shipping containers offer versatility, durability, and security. In this guide, we will explore the various types of shipping containers available, their conditions, customization options, reliable services, warranty coverage, delivery services, and more. So let’s dive in and discover everything you need to know about shipping containers for sale. shipping containers for sale in UK

Types of Shipping Containers

When it comes to shipping containers, there are several types to choose from depending on your specific needs. Here are some of the most common types available:

Standard Containers

Standard shipping containers come in various sizes ranging from 10′ to 45′ and are the go-to choice for general storage and transportation purposes. These containers are weatherproof and secure, ensuring the safety of your items during transit.

Insulated Containers

Insulated containers are designed to regulate temperature and protect sensitive goods from extreme weather conditions. They are ideal for storing items that require temperature control, such as perishable goods or pharmaceuticals.

Refrigerated Containers

Refrigerated containers, also known as reefers, are equipped with a built-in refrigeration system. These containers are specifically designed to maintain a constant temperature, making them perfect for transporting and storing perishable goods over long distances.

Freezer Containers

Freezer containers are similar to refrigerated containers but offer even lower temperature ranges. They are commonly used for storing frozen goods, ice cream, and other items that require extremely cold temperatures.

Office Containers

Office containers provide a convenient and cost-effective solution for creating office spaces in various locations. These containers are equipped with insulation, windows, doors, and electrical installations, allowing you to set up a functional workspace quickly and efficiently.

Specialty Containers

In addition to the standard options mentioned above, there are also specialty containers available for specific purposes. These include quad doors, doors on both ends, roll-up doors, open side doors, and more. These containers offer additional accessibility options to suit your unique requirements.

Container Conditions

When purchasing a shipping container, it’s important to consider its condition. Here are the different conditions you may come across:

New “One Trip” Containers

New “One Trip” containers are in “like new” condition and have only been used once to transport cargo from Asia. These containers are ideal if you prioritize appearance and longevity.

Used Cargo Worthy Containers

Used cargo worthy containers are certified for global transport based on the condition of their doors, floor, walls, and ceiling. While they may have some dents, rust, or corroded paint, they are still leakproof and suitable for storage and transportation purposes.

Refurbished Cargo Worthy Containers

Refurbished cargo worthy containers undergo a thorough refurbishment process. They are sanded, all rust is removed, and a new coat of primer and paint is applied. These containers are also certified for global transport and provide a refreshed appearance while maintaining their leakproof quality.

Please note that it is important to avoid purchasing “AS-IS” or “Wind Water Tight” (WWT) containers as they may pose a risk to structural integrity.

Customization and Fabrication Services

Shipping containers offer incredible flexibility when it comes to customization. You can enhance and modify your container to meet your specific requirements. Here are some customization options available:


Adding windows to your container can help bring in natural light and improve ventilation. Double-pane sliding windows are a popular choice for a secure and energy-efficient solution.

HVAC Systems

For containers that require temperature control, installing HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems is essential. These systems ensure a comfortable environment for your stored items or workspace.

Electrical Power

Electrical packages can be added to your container to provide power for lighting, equipment, or any other electrical needs. This allows you to create a fully functional space for various applications.

Specialty Doors

If you require specific access points, such as wider doors or specialized entryways, there are various specialty door options available. These doors can be customized to fit your exact specifications.

Customized Paint

Customizing the exterior paint of your container can help align it with your branding or make it visually appealing. Choose from a wide range of colors and finishes to create a unique look.

Conexwest offers a comprehensive range of fabrication services to transform your shipping container into a tailored solution that meets your specific needs. With their expertise and experience, they can guide you through the customization process and provide examples and suggestions based on past projects.

Conexwest Customers

Conexwest serves a diverse range of customers, from individuals to Fortune 100 companies. Their shipping containers are suitable for a wide range of industries and applications, including:

  • Construction: Contractors and builders can benefit from the secure storage space offered by shipping containers on construction sites.
  • Residential & Commercial Storage: Homeowners and businesses can utilize shipping containers for additional storage space, whether for personal belongings or inventory.
  • Supermarket & Grocery: Shipping containers can be used for cold storage or as additional space for supermarkets and grocery stores.
  • Parks & Recreation: Shipping containers can be transformed into concession stands, ticket booths, or storage units for parks and recreational facilities.
  • Retail: Retailers can utilize shipping containers as pop-up shops, temporary storefronts, or storage spaces.
  • Schools: Shipping containers can serve as additional classrooms, libraries, or storage areas for educational institutions.
  • Festivals & Events: Shipping containers can be converted into unique event spaces, ticket booths, or storage areas for festivals and events.
  • Warehousing: Shipping containers are an efficient and cost-effective solution for additional warehouse space.
  • State & Federal Departments: Government entities can utilize shipping containers for storage, command centers, or specialized facilities.

Whatever your industry or storage needs, Conexwest has a solution for you.

Reliable Services

Conexwest is committed to providing reliable services for their customers. They have dedicated fabrication shops across the country staffed by highly-skilled technicians and fabricators. Their team receives continual training on the latest container trends and technology, ensuring top-quality fabrication and customization services.

Conexwest believes in transparency and provides up-front pricing to their customers. Whether you need a custom fabrication quote or a delivery quote, their web forms make it easy to submit your details and receive a prompt response. shipping containers for sale in UK

Warranty Coverage

To give their customers peace of mind, Conexwest offers warranty coverage for their shipping containers. The Warranty Coverage Period for new ISO shipping containers is ten years from the date of purchase, while used cargo worthy ISO shipping containers have a five-year warranty period. During this time, Conexwest will repair or replace any defective parts or units at no charge.

Terms and conditions apply, and more information can be found on Conexwest’s website.

Delivery Services

Conexwest goes above and beyond to provide an excellent customer experience, including on-demand storage unit delivery services. They offer scheduled deliveries to ensure consistency and have a dedicated team to help customers plan and operate efficiently. Emergency transportation services are also available when needed.

For all deliveries, Conexwest ensures clear communication by calling the site contact 24 hours in advance to confirm the 2-hour delivery window. On the day of delivery, the truck driver will call the site contact with a 30-minute delivery window. Terms and conditions apply to all deliveries.

Contact Information and Locations

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your container purchase, you can reach out to Conexwest’s customer service team by phone at (855) 878-5233 or via email at [email protected] They are dedicated to providing excellent service and are ready to compete with other quotes to earn your business.

Conexwest has a wide network of locations across the country, ensuring convenient access to shipping containers for customers. Use their interactive map on their website to discover shipping containers for sale near you.


In conclusion, shipping containers offer a versatile, durable, and secure solution for various storage and transportation needs. Whether you need a standard container, an insulated or refrigerated option, or a customized office space, Conexwest has you covered. With their reliable services, warranty coverage, and delivery options, you can trust Conexwest to provide the highest quality shipping containers for your specific requirements. Contact them today to explore the possibilities and find the perfect shipping container for sale near you.

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