lego container ship

lego container ship LEGO Ship Sets: Explore the Fascinating World of LEGO Ships

lego container ship

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## Introduction

lego container ship

lego container ship LEGO®, the beloved line of construction toys, has captured the hearts of both children and adults alike. While LEGO® sets are often associated with kids, the growing popularity of LEGO® among adults is undeniable. In fact, some fans argue that adults account for nearly half of the revenue at LEGO® stores. The joy of building and the intricate details of LEGO® sets have attracted a wide demographic, including those with a fascination for ships and floating structures. Whether you’re a maritime enthusiast or simply enjoy the hobby, there are several LEGO® ship sets that are worth exploring. In this article, we will delve into the world of LEGO® ships and highlight some of the most captivating sets available. lego container ship

The Maersk Triple E: A Container Ship Masterpiece

One of the most impressive ship-themed LEGO® sets on the market is the Maersk Triple E. This set beautifully recreates one of the world’s largest container ships, complete with intricate details and rare colors. With over 1,500 bricks, the model captures the essence of the actual vessel. The Maersk Triple E set features rotating gold-colored screw blades, brick-built twin propeller engines, and customizable containers. Additionally, the set includes a display stand, a fact plaque with detailed information about the ship, and a gold coin for good luck. LEGO® fans and shipping enthusiasts will undoubtedly appreciate the attention to detail in this remarkable set.

Maersk Triple E

LEGO Creator Set #10241 Maersk Line Triple-E

  • Build the famous Maersk Triple-E container ship in LEGO® form.
  • Impressive size: 25 inches (65cm) in length.
  • Features rotating gold-colored propeller blades, brick-built twin 8-cylinder engines, and a viewing window into the engine compartment.
  • Adjustable rudders, detachable lifeboats, and removable containers add to the customization options.
  • Includes rare colored elements in medium azur, dark red, sand blue, and sand green.

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Create Your Own Port with the LEGO® Port Building Set

For those with a passion for shipping and floating structures, the LEGO® Port Building Set is a must-have. This set allows you to construct a port, complete with a crane, a floating ship, and various accessories. The set includes two containers, a pallet, a cargo truck, a speed boat, and three worker mini-figures. The crane, which stands over 19 inches tall and rotates 360 degrees, adds an element of realism to the port scene. With the ability to raise and lower the ship’s anchor and load and unload containers, this set offers endless opportunities for imaginative play.


Embark on an Arctic Adventure with the LEGO® Icebreaker Set

If you’re fascinated by icebreakers and Arctic exploration, the LEGO® Icebreaker set is perfect for you. This set features a detailed icebreaker ship, complete with various accessories and seven mini-figures. The icebreaker includes an anchor with a winch and chain, a removable bridge with a steering wheel, movable ladders, and cargo containers. Additionally, a helicopter with turning rotors and a winch function adds to the Arctic adventure. The explorer’s base features an opening door, radar, and laboratory equipment. This set offers an exciting opportunity to recreate the thrill of Arctic exploration.


LEGO City Ice Breaker Ship 60062

  • Includes seven mini-figures: four explorers, a captain, a pilot, and a scientist.
  • Features an anchor with winch and chain, a snow scooter, a removable bridge, and movable ladders.
  • Explorer’s base includes a laboratory with equipment, a desk, and a bed.
  • Helicopter with cockpit and winch function adds another layer of adventure.
  • Provides an engaging Arctic exploration experience for LEGO® enthusiasts.

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Dive into the World of Maersk Sealand Container Ships

For fans of Maersk Line, the world’s leading shipping company, the LEGO® Maersk Sealand Container Ship set is a must-have. This set allows you to build a highly detailed freighter using 990 pieces. The Maersk Sealand Container Ship set captures the essence of Maersk container vessels with its accurate design and attention to detail. LEGO® designers, being from Denmark like Maersk, have a particular affinity for creating Maersk-themed sets. This set offers an opportunity to showcase your admiration for Maersk Line and its iconic container ships.

Maersk Sealand Container Ship

LEGO Maersk 2005 Sealand Ship (10152)

  • Contains 988 pieces and measures 27 inches long upon completion.
  • Perfect for LEGO® fans who appreciate the accuracy and detail of Maersk container ships.
  • Showcases the iconic Maersk Line branding and design.
  • Provides a rewarding building experience for LEGO® enthusiasts.
  • An excellent addition to any LEGO® ship collection.

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Set Sail with the LEGO® Pirate Flagship

For those who enjoy the nostalgia of pirate ships, the LEGO® Pirate Flagship set is a true gem. This highly detailed set depicts the age of wooden pirate ships with intricate features and realistic design. The set includes a ship’s captain, a pirate captain prisoner, crew members, and soldiers. The ship’s main hull boasts firing cannons, ammunition crates, muskets, torches, and cannonballs. Additional features include a prison, a moving rudder, and a fully-equipped ship’s kitchen. With its attention to detail and various accessories, this set is a must-have for LEGO® fans and pirate enthusiasts alike.

Pirate Flagship

LEGO Pirates Imperial Flagship (10210) (Discontinued by manufacturer)

  • Includes nine mini-figures, including the ship’s captain, crew members, and a pirate captain prisoner.
  • Features a detailed ship with firing cannons, ammunition crates, and a fully-equipped ship’s kitchen.
  • The back house deck reveals the captain’s chambers, complete with a map and a treasure chest.
  • Provides an immersive pirate ship building experience for LEGO® enthusiasts.
  • Contains 1,664 pieces, ensuring hours of building fun.

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LEGO® Transport Ferry: A Fun and Functional Set

If you’re looking for a LEGO® set that combines fun and functionality, the LEGO® Transport Ferry is an excellent choice. This set allows you to build your own ferry and load it up with vehicles using the working back ramp. The geared lever opens the front doors for unloading at your desired destination. With the ability to lower the ramp and drive the car onto the ferry, this set offers a realistic and interactive experience. The ferry is also equipped with wheels, allowing it to move in any direction. With its adorable details and versatile play options, this set is perfect for LEGO® enthusiasts of all ages.

Transport Ferry

LEGO Creator Transport Ferry

  • Includes instructions to rebuild into a transport hovercraft or a cargo plane, adding to the versatility of the set.
  • Features a car with a trailer attached for loading onto the ferry.
  • Geared lever opens the front doors for unloading the car at the desired destination.
  • The ferry is on wheels, allowing it to move in any direction.
  • Contains 1,279 pieces, providing a satisfying building experience.

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Join the LEGO® Coast Guard Patrol

For those who enjoy the excitement of maritime rescues, the LEGO® Coast Guard Patrol set is a thrilling choice. This set allows you to build the ultimate Coast Guard Patrol boat, complete with a submarine and a helicopter. The set includes three sharks and six mini-figures, including a pilot, a captain, and a rescuer. The Coast Guard Patrol boat features water cannons, a submarine launcher, and a radio antenna. The helicopter adds an extra element of rescue missions with its turning rotors and winch function. With its detailed accessories and engaging play options, this set offers endless possibilities for maritime adventures.

lego container ship

LEGO City Coast Guard Patrol 60014 (Discontinued by manufacturer)

  • Features a Coast Guard Patrol boat, a dinghy, and a lighthouse with rocks.
  • Includes two water cannons, a submarine launcher, and a radio antenna.
  • Accessories include a dog, a crab, life preservers, and a walkie-talkie.
  • Provides an immersive rescue experience with a focus on maritime adventures.
  • Contains 449 pieces, ensuring hours of imaginative play.

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The World of LEGO® Cruise Ships

While there are limited official LEGO® cruise ship sets available, the world of LEGO® enthusiasts and cruise ship companies have created some remarkable models. One notable example is the LEGO® cruise ship model created by Dream Cruises to celebrate the launch of its new World Dream Ship in 2018. This incredible model was constructed using over 2.5 million LEGO® blocks, weighing over 2,800 kg. Another impressive LEGO® cruise ship model was made by Cunard Lines in 2015, depicting the iconic Queen Mary Ship. These models showcase the creativity and passion of LEGO® fans and highlight the limitless possibilities of LEGO® ship building.

Additional LEGO® Ship Sets

Apart from the aforementioned sets, there are several other LEGO® ship sets that deserve recognition. One such set is the LEGO® Movie Metal Beard’s Sea Cow, which allows you to construct a pirate ship with various features and accessories. Another notable set is the LEGO® submarine, perfect for underwater adventures. These additional sets provide even more options for LEGO® enthusiasts to explore the world of ship building.


LEGO® ship sets offer a unique opportunity to combine the joy of building with a fascination for ships and floating structures. From container ships to icebreakers, LEGO® has captured the essence of various vessels in its meticulously designed sets. Whether you’re a LEGO® fan, a maritime enthusiast, or simply looking for a new hobby, these ship-themed LEGO® sets provide endless hours of entertainment and imaginative play. Embark on your LEGO® ship-building journey and discover the fascinating world of LEGO® ships today. lego container ship

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do LEGO City boats float?

Yes, some LEGO City boat sets, such as the LEGO City Speed Boat Transporter, are designed to float in water, adding an extra level of realism and playability to the sets.

2. What is the largest LEGO boat set?

The largest LEGO boat set is the LEGO Titanic construction set, which measures 135 cm long and consists of 9,090 pieces. This impressive set allows builders to recreate the iconic ship in stunning detail.

3. What is the biggest LEGO pirate ship?

The largest LEGO pirate ship is the Skull’s Eye Schooner, which boasts a detailed design and numerous features. With six cannons, a captain’s cabin, and nine mini-figures, this set offers an immersive pirate ship building experience.

4. Which cruise line has a partnership with LEGO?

MSC Cruises is the only cruise company that has a partnership with LEGO. Their ships feature LEGO play areas where passengers can enjoy free play with LEGO bricks and equipment. The Sailor Walk About is LEGO’s official mascot onboard MSC Cruises.

5. Why does LEGO retire sets frequently?

LEGO retires sets frequently to maintain the brand’s image and values. By introducing new designs and themes regularly, LEGO keeps its products fresh and exciting. Retiring sets also create a sense of exclusivity and encourage collectors and enthusiasts to purchase sets before they are discontinued.

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