Prefab Shipping Container Homes: Affordable and Sustainable Living

Prefab Shipping Container Homes For Sale

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## Introduction

Prefab Shipping Container Homes For Sale

Prefab Shipping Container Homes For Sale In today’s challenging housing market, many potential homeowners are finding it difficult to buy a standard home. High taxes, upfront costs, and soaring mortgage payments often leave individuals struggling to make ends meet. As a result, the dream of home ownership seems more like a pipe dream for the younger generation. However, there is a growing trend that offers a glimmer of hope: prefab shipping container homes. Prefab Shipping Container Homes For Sale

The Rise of Prefab Shipping Container Homes

The concept of using shipping containers to build homes has gained popularity in recent years. These affordable and sustainable dwellings are a viable alternative to traditional housing options. While they may not resemble the typical homes in your area, the interior of these container homes can be surprisingly beautiful, with high-quality flooring, cabinetry, and windows.

Our Favorite Shipping Container Home Builders

The prefab shipping container home industry has flourished, thanks to DIY enthusiasts who wanted to build their own affordable homes. Today, there are several builders offering prefab units for sale. These prefab units provide everything you need for your home and eliminate many of the design obstacles faced by homeowners.


Honomobo is a leading player in the prefab shipping container home market. Based in California and Washington state, this company offers online ordering and delivers custom-built containers within 6 to 12 months. Honomobo homes are certified under local factory-built modular standards, ensuring compliance with local building codes. With prices ranging from $173,236 to $302,768, these homes offer modern designs and high-quality construction.

Honomobo H-Series

Giant Containers

For those looking for custom shipping container fabrication, Giant Containers is a top choice. This turn-key container builder can deliver new, modified, or custom fabrications to customers worldwide. With experience in large-scale projects, including the largest commercial shipping container installation in North America, Giant Containers is a leader in the industry.

Giant Containers


Hive is another industry leader offering prefab shipping container homes. With their own architects and extensive experience, Hive provides a range of plans and options, from small homes to spacious 3,000+ square foot dwellings. The cost of Hive homes can vary depending on interior finishing and geographic location.

Custom Container Living

Custom Container Living, founded by Robert Wagoner, offers a unique approach to container homes. This company aims to address the problems of traditional construction by providing customizable container homes. Purchasing a home through Custom Container Living is similar to buying any other prefab home. Customers can choose their floor plan and select custom options for flooring, cabinets, kitchens, bathrooms, and countertops.


Rhino offers a variety of base models for prefab shipping container homes. Their fully equipped cubes range from 160 sq. ft. to larger options, complete with sinks, stoves, cabinets, appliances, bathrooms, plumbing, lighting, and electrical systems. Rhino homes provide simple and affordable living solutions, with the option to expand and fully furnish the units.

Logical Homes

Logical Homes offers a range of small and large prefab shipping container units. Their largest unit is 3,580 sq. ft., while the smallest unit is 160 sq. ft. The company also provides fully customized plans to meet the specific needs of their clients. While their pricing list may be outdated, Logical Homes remains a reputable option for those seeking prefab container homes.

The Growing Demand for Shipping Container Homes

The increasing demand for shipping container homes is driven by rising home prices. According to, the average home price in March 2019 was $346,200. For many individuals entering entry-level positions, saving enough for a down payment is nearly impossible. As a result, more people are turning to alternative options like tiny homes and prefab shipping container homes.

The Appeal of Tiny Homes

Tiny homes have gained popularity as a more affordable housing option. These compact dwellings allow individuals to downsize while still enjoying a comfortable living space. However, with homes as small as 200 sq. ft., sacrifices must be made to reduce costs and maximize space utilization.

Embracing Shipping Containers as Homes

The idea of using shipping containers as the foundation for homes has gained traction due to their affordability, durability, and versatility. Shipping containers are inherently sturdy, meeting or exceeding building codes. They can be easily transported and stacked, making them ideal for creating larger dwellings. Additionally, when properly insulated, shipping containers provide adequate shelter and can withstand extreme weather conditions.

The Cost of Prefab Shipping Container Homes

Determining the cost of prefab shipping container homes can be challenging, as prices can vary significantly based on factors such as size, customization, and location. However, understanding the drivers of cost can help individuals make informed decisions.

Container Prices

The price of shipping containers themselves can range from $1,400 to $4,500. Prefab models tend to have lower price points, as builders can source containers in bulk, reducing costs. Many prefab units come with kits or building instructions, while others offer turn-key solutions where builders take care of the entire construction process.

Home Cost

The overall cost of a prefab shipping container home depends on various factors, including size and finishing. Smaller homes in the range of 160-200 sq. ft. can cost around $24,000 and typically include a single room, bathroom, shower, and kitchen. Larger homes in the 320 sq. ft. range can range from $60,000 and up. The upfront cost of a shipping container home is significantly lower than that of a traditional home, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious individuals.

Expansion and Customization

One advantage of prefab shipping container homes is the ability to expand and customize them. Additional containers can be added to create larger dwellings, and owners can choose to add features and amenities through welding and creative solutions. This flexibility allows homeowners to adapt their homes to their changing needs over time.

Common Questions and Considerations

Foundation Options

When building a prefab shipping container home, there are three main foundation options to consider:

  1. Concrete Blocks: This is the most common and effective foundation option. The corners of the container are typically fastened to the concrete using steel reinforcements.
  2. Crawl Space: A crawl space foundation provides additional storage opportunities.
  3. Basement: The most expensive foundation option, a basement offers added living space and storage possibilities.

Door and Window Placement

Shipping containers can be cut to accommodate doors and windows. Homeowners have the flexibility to choose where they want these openings to be placed.


While shipping containers are decently insulated, homeowners can add insulation to the walls for enhanced comfort. Insulation helps regulate temperature and improve energy efficiency.

Roof Considerations

While not necessary, adding a roof to shipping container homes helps prevent corrosion caused by water runoff and accumulation. Roofs can be welded and clamped to the containers to provide better water runoff and insulation. Additionally, roofs offer heat reflection, keeping the interior cool and providing additional shade.

Embracing Affordable and Sustainable Living

Prefab shipping container homes offer an affordable and sustainable solution for those seeking homeownership in a challenging housing market. These homes provide an opportunity to own a well-designed, eco-friendly dwelling at a fraction of the cost of a traditional home. With a range of builders and customization options available, individuals can find the perfect container home to meet their needs and budget. As the demand for affordable and sustainable living continues to grow, prefab shipping container homes are becoming an increasingly popular choice for homeowners across the country.

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